Thursday, June 28, 2012

Didn't quite see that coming...

{June 24, 2012}

Hey everyone,
First of all before I forget, we got an email about elections. They said we can just go to the US Embassy and vote there, but I don't think I'm registered. Is there a way to do that? I'm not sure what that all envolves but it might be good to vote if I can. If not, then that's ok too. But they said you'll have to start on that now. So if you can look into that that would be nice. Dad's email was interesting. It's not everyday I get emails that are pretty much all about the latest deaths. That's pretty crazy about that kid. I don't think I know him. That's sad about Sis. Crawford, but she was probably ready to go. 92 years is a long time. Why is Jesse learning French? Tell him to learn Korean so I can have someone to talk to when I get home. He doesn't need to learn French. Between his Spanish and English he can probably understand most things. Real men learn Korean. Congrats on the new calling Kadin! That's sweet. You hold the keys now. You better refresh your memory of the last Priesthood session of conference and study all the sections in D&C about the priesthood. And congrats to Kylie on the track meet. That sounds way fun. Ah I miss cinnonmon rolls. You probably shouldn't mail them though. They might not turn out too good after two weeks of sitting in a box.
Well transfers were good. As always, I think I know what's going to happen, but my president gets me everytime. We got our calls Monday night and my companion answered the phone and found out he was getting a new companion so I knew I was leaving. So I get on the phone and my president says I'm going to Sin Dang. My companion and I exploded. He had served there for a transfer so he knew all about it. It's right in the heart of Seoul, the ward is amazing, and there are tons of people there to teach. So I was stoked. It was pretty much my dream come true. But it was too good to be true. The next morning we got a text from someone from a different zone welcoming me to their zone. It was pretty confusing and to make a kind of long story short, there was some miscommunication and I actually got transferred to Gangneung. It's the same zone as my greenie area. So I'm really excited to go back to my greenie area and be back in this zone, but it's definately not like the area where I thought I was going. I'm a zone leader now so that's fun. I guess. I just have more responsibilities. So really it's not that fun haha. My new companion is Elder Larson. He's from Arizona. This is his last transfer so he knows how to get things done. We get along great. Oh and we are the only area in the mission that has bikes! It's way fun. But my legs and rear end are super sore. It's been so long since I've been on a bike. The weather is way nice too. I definately came to this zone at the right time. The last time I was here I was shoveling snow everyday. Hopefully we won't have that same opportunity here.
We've been pretty busy here so far in just there few days that I have been here. We picked up 7 new investigators. One is a family of four, one is two kids, and the other is just a kid. I haven't met him yet so I don't know much about him. But the other families are way cool. We teach them English but they also have some gospel interest. The branch here is way fun. We had about 30 people come out yesterday. I haven't been in a branch again for awhile but it wasn't a huge shock for me. There are a lot of fun little kids though so we have a good time playing with them. And they love the hair on my arms. Haha. We also have a lady from America who's teaching English here so we translate for her during sacrament meeting. It's way hard. It was another reminder that I'm really not as good at Korean as I sometimes think I am and that I need to stay humble. That's definately a good way to stay humble.
So that's pretty much been my week. We went on a sweet hike last week for P-day. I'll try to send some pictures. This computer is kind of annoying. I'll have to figure it out. Anyway. Have a good day/week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

1. Here's some of my last zone at the top of our hike.

2. Me on the mountain.

3. Here's part of my new area.

4. It's a good thing I fell in love with the countryside the first time I was here


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