Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nothing Lost, Way More Found

 {April 22, 2012}

Hey everyone,

That sounds like a pretty good new stake presidency. I actually had a
dream about that the other night. Haha. Pretty much all my dreams now
are about church and missionary work. Is it Mitch Ottersen who's in
Korea? That's the only Ottersen kid I can think of. When did he leave?
Congratulations on graduation, Danielle! That's so cool. To answer
some of your questions, our church is really close to our house. Maybe
like a 5 minute walk. We mostly walk everywhere in our area, but
sometimes take a bus if we're running behind on time or something. We
meet most of our investigators at our church so that's really nice.
I'm still eating Korean food. Not nearly as much now though becuase I
have an American companion and a Costco card. That helps. Instant
oatmeal and bagels for breakfast is a whole lot better than rice and
kim chi. How does Dana have friends coming to Korea? Are they Korean?
I don't really need much. The only thing I can think of is food. I'm
in Goyang if that helps. It's kind of far from everything. Of course.
But if they ride the Gyeogi line on the subway out to Neunggok, that's
right in my area. I'm not sure if that's how they're all spelled in
English, but something like that.

Well my week has been pretty good. We had a pretty crazy start to the
week. Some elders in my district had a flood in their house because
some engineer fixer guy didn't put a hose on their washing machine on
all the way, so during church they got a call saying water was coming
out of their house and they had to go move everything. So we spent a
couple days helping them move out of their house and into our house.
They've been with us all week and just this morning we got them moved
back in. It's been really fun though.

I think our ward loves us. A couple weeks ago we simply asked the
bishop how we could help and how to improve our missionary work and he
gave us a couple less actives to visit. Then when we followed up on
that, he gave us a bunch of old records to visit and we got invited to
the ward council meetings. So everyone is starting to see our hard
work and is getting excited. We're hoping that we'll get a few more
dinner appointments. Haha. We found one kid from our less actives
who's about our age. He just got back from America and was baptized
about 7 years ago, but he doesn't even remember it. Super sad. But
he's way cool and we're going to try to keep working with him and try
to get in with more of these less actives.

Yesterday at church we had some awesome miracles. We were doing Gospel
Principles class with our college student Sis. Park investigator when
kind of right in the middle of the lesson, out of nowhere, she told us
she is getting baptized next week. I don't really know what made her
change her mind. During our planning meeting, my companion and I
recieved some sweet revelation on how to help her and we didn't even
have to do it. But that's ok. It's set. Then during sacrament meeting
we got a call from our other Sis. Park investigator's husband saying
they were on their way to church and were wondering if we could start
the lessons. And you bet we did! We taught a solid first lesson and
committed her to read the Book of Mormon and then next time we meet
them, we're going to set up some goals for baptism and some goals for
them to go to the temple and get sealed. I'm really excited. We also
picked up a new investigator and committed him to be baptized in our
first lesson. We'll meet him this weekend and probably set a date.

So things are looking pretty good. Can't complain too much. It must
have been because we were super careful with our phone this week. The
Lord blessed us for our responsibility. Or something like that. Haha.
Spring is here. Yesterday was the last day we had to wear suit coats,
but it's been rainy and kind of cold so we still wear them anyway.
I'll send a couple pictures to try to give the weather a little more
justice. Have a good week! Talk to you later.

Love, Elder Dorius


1. So here's us piled in our apartment. Nice and cozy.
2. He's some sweet cherry blossoms.
3. And more. They're so cool!
4. This is the bishop's daughter. She's funny.
5. This little guy is funny too. All Korean kids are just cute. Oh
speaking of, I got to be the replacement for the primary pianist at
church yesterday. It was the best!

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