Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Conference is the Best

{April 8, 2012}

Hey everyone,

Well once again there's no emails from you guys. Didn't you hear in
Conference that you're supposed to write more letters to people who
are away from home? I don't think that meant you should completely
stop emailing. Those things are nice too. But anyways. I guess I'll
just start on my week.

Conference was awesome! Seriously. They always outdo (is that right?)
themselves every year. So many good messages and things to think about
and apply. I loved it. I'm still working on the Saturday Morning
session. I had to do a baptismal interview that morning but the
investigator was late and so we were just going to stay at that church
and watch it there, but due to a series technical difficulties, we
missed the first session. By the time we got things up and running it
was over so we just abandoned that ship and met up with the rest of
our zone and watched the other sessions. But my companion has the
audio on his translator so we're still working on that morning
session. Lucky us. Conference isn't quite over. One thing I learned
wasn't from a specific talk, but from Conference as a whole. They
always talk about how you can get an answer to any question from
Conference, but I didn't really realize how true that is. A little
while ago we got a committment from our APs to write down some
questions and listen for the answer at Conference. So I did. It was
the first time in my life I did that and I don't know why I never did
it before. It was so cool. Some questions I wasn't sure how they were
going to be answered, but then boom! They were. I highly suggest it.
It's an awesome way to recieve revelation and guidence for our
personal problems and lives.

So that was the highlight of the week. As for other things that
happend, we had our temple trip, I went on splits with the zone
leaders, and I got to do pass off with the new American greenie in my
district. Oh man. Greenies are so funny. I had forgotten what it was
like to be in Korea for only a week. It's cool to see how perspectives
of the country and missionary work change over time. My favorite part
was probably him thinking the piece of garlic he ate at dinner was the
spiciest thing in the world. Haha. Good times.

Our investigators are doing well. We invited one of them to dinner
with us and the bishop's family. I need to tell you their names so you
have a better feel for who they are and can distinguish between the
two. Unfortunately they have the same family name and I don't want to
confuse you with the rest of their names. Welcome to Korea. Unless you
want me to. They're both Sis. Park I guess you could say. We had
dinner with the college student Sis. Park, not the part-member wife
Sis. Park. Anyway. She's still set to be baptized on the 22nd. They
both are. We're finally going to meet the part-member wife Sis. Park
this week and get the lessons going so she can get baptized then. Oh I
referred that girl to the missionaries in her area. She is actually
outside my zone so I can't meet her. The last thing I heard was they
were going to try to visit her. I need to see how it went.

Well that's about all I have I think. Oh yeah, Happy Easter! Hopefully
the Easter Bunny wasn't too busy and was able to make it to the house
this year. Enjoy the holidays. Hope to hear from you soon. Preferably
in an email. And preferably today. I figured out we won't pick up
letters until next month so just keep that in mind if you just stick
to snail mail. Have a good one!

Love, Elder Dorius

Called to Serve

Oh I see how it is now. It's not that you're heeding the words of the
prophets and sticking to writing letters. Mom got called for Jury
Duty! Hahaha. Ok that is way way funny. I think. Have fun with that.
Haha. AH I want to see the Hunger Games!! I'm glad it was good. I'm
slightly early because our library right next to our house was open
today and working so we got it quick. And we got Frosted Flakes. Not
bad. We haven't had Easter yet. Because of Conference, the church here
will celebrate Easter next Sunday. So I'll let you know what we do.
Probably just a nice Sacrament meeting and a good lunch after church.
But we'll see.

Glad to hear you guys are still living. And somewhat technologically
inclined. Keep it up. Good luck with Jury Duty, Mom. Bwahaha. Can't
wait to hear about that.

Love (still), Elder Dorius

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