Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life is Good

{May 6, 2012}

Hey everyone,
All the respect I've ever had for Aunt Jen just multiplied by a hundred. Holy smokes. I can't believe she did a legit ironman. I think I'm going to have to do a whole lot more than just eat my vegitables to be like her now. But way to go Aunt Jen! Sounds like Danielle and Jesse made a nice transition to the Texan life. It doesn't sound too bad over there. How hot does it get? It kind of sounds like Korea's weather. Hot and humid. Actually lately it's been about perfect. The afternoons are a little hot but it cools off in the evenings. That's the benefit to living out in the middle of the rice fields with the farmers and not in the middle of the buildings with the business people.  
The baptism was awesome. And she got confirmed yesterday so it's all set. Oh and I found out how to spell her name in English. It's Park Sol Moe. Kind of a different name but it's cool. All the members have been really friendly with her and have welcomed her nicely. I think she'll make the transition from investigator to member really smoothly. Yesterday we also met with our other Sis. Park, the wife of the less active member. We talked about baptism again and told her everything we still need to do and some things she'll have to do before she gets baptized and we decided May 20th would be a good date to shoot for. So she's back on track and doing well. Our other investigators are doing so good. One kid, Im Joo Won, has been reading the Book of Mormon on his own and has been asking questions about it and trying to understand everything that's going on. He'll hopefully get baptized this month too. He's just a super busy college kid so it's hard for him to come to church, but we're working on that. One of our other investigators, Han Joon Suk, is also reading the Book of Mormon a bit. He's way fun to teach because it's more of a discussion type lesson. He asks us questions like how we came to know something was true or how we felt when we did something. Those are my more favorite investigators right now. We have a couple others but they aren't quite as favorite. If they don't have grape, then it's ok because cherry is favorite anyway. (Just trying to pump you guys up for Brian Regan.)
Ah dang it. I just remembered I missed Danielle's birthday. Fail. Happy late Birthday! May 5th has a lot of things to keep track of. It's Children's Day in Korea, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico (and America pretty much) and it's Danielle's Birthday. Do you want anything cool for your birthday? Oh and I found some fan holders for your fans, Mom. It cost four times more to ship them than it did to actually buy them. They better make it in one piece. Hopefully they work. Does anyone want anything? I feel like I have't been very good at sending stuff home. Any requests?
Anyways. The rest of the week was pretty good. Nothing really new. I got to do a baptismal interview for our zone leaders' investigator. That was fun. I like seeing how people change as they've come to accept the gospel. Like this week we texted Park Sol Moe to see how she's been and she said she was happy everyday. That's what the gospel does. It makes people happy when they accept it and choose to live according to it. I just wish everyone knew that.
Well this transfer is already over. We get our transfer calls tonight and start a new transfer this week. I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm kind of feeling like I'm gone, but I'm not sure. We'll see. I hope I can stay because there's some awesome stuff going on in our whole district. Right now we have 5 baptismal dates in our district. It's super exciting and I'm not quite ready to leave. But we'll see. I'll get a phone card this week. The plan is sounding like I'll call here on Monday after study so around 11 or 12. That will be Sunday evening for you guys. I'm excited. Talk to you then.
Love, Elder Dorius

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