Monday, November 12, 2012

Crazy week

{Nov. 11, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Those were some good emails. Everyone must have had a pretty eventful week because everyone had quite a bit to write about. It was fun to read. I liked grandpa and grandma's pictures. Those were way funny. There is some awesome fall leaves around here too. It's probably the best I've ever seen anywhere else. We didn't do anything for Halloween this year. It's not very big here and I kind of forgot about it. But Thanksgiving is coming up and to answer Danielle's question about that, yes we will have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A lot of members in the English branch in Seoul sign up for missionaries to have over and they feed them, but because we're so far away from Seoul our mission president and his wife invited our zone over to their house for Thanksgiving as well as a couple other couple missionaries I think. It should be really good. President Henderson is going to be a mission president?! That's so sweet! He'd be an awesome mission president. And Mikelle finally got her call. Is that the same mission that Elder Jordan Weaver is in? That's too bad that he has to come home. Do you know when? Will he be able to go out again? How's the new James Bond movie? Worth seeing?
Well this week, like most of yours, was pretty eventful. We went into Seoul last Monday evening and had our zone leader council Tuesday morning. This month our mission is focusing on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon so we've been trying to use the Book of Mormon more in our work. It should be pretty good. I've always liked the trainings on the Book of Mormon during my mission. I think they've been some of my favorite. Then we had some elders in our zone moving to a new place so we helped them out with that Tuesday night and Wednesday. It was quite a bit of work. But I was kind of fun to really experience a move in Korea. They moved from the 15th floor of one apartment to the 18th floor of another. They have huge electric ladders that have a pretty big plank type thing at the top and they just send that up to the window, people inside put a load of stuff on it, and then they send it down and put everything in a truck and send it up again. It's a little nerve racking to push desks and dressers and such out of a 15 story window and then hope it goes down. But it works.
We also had the pleasure of dealing with some problems in our mission. I guess that's the beauty of being a leader. It wasn't very fun, but I learned a lot about leadership and gained some skills in that department of missionary work. Hopefully. It's probably safe to say that I might use those again sometime in my life, but I don't really hope so. It kind of had an impact on our work this week, but I think it helped other areas with their work and effectiveness.
We realized this week that we need to be more connected with our ward and with the youth. My companion and I were brainstorming ideas of activities we could do with the youth here to build better relationships with them. Any ideas? We're mostly going off our own experiences of young mens and other church activities, but I thought I would ask and try to get some more input. I don't think I realized how important it is to have really good relationships with members until recently. It seems like I'm realizing and learning quite a few things right now that I wish I knew two years ago. It's kind of annoying, but I guess that is life. And that's also why we keep journals.   
We had a baptism yesterday. Surprise! It was a member baptism. A little girl got baptized by her dad. It was good. I also got to do another baptismal interview this week. Those are always good. So fortunately the week ended pretty well. I think we'll be back on track this week and should have a pretty good week. We have an appointment tomorrow with some lady who wants to learn English and she's bringing two friends. That's usually a good start. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully you all have a good week as well! Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius
P.S. Dad, the jaw is doing good. Still a little sore, but a lot better. Oh but I do have another question/concern. My driver's licence expired last month. Is that a problem?

Good stuff all around

{Nov. 4, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Sorry I'm a bit early today. We are going into Seoul today and my companion needed to by a new backpack before we left so we got an early start on our P-day. I'll just work on my letter and wait for your responses and add my imput as they come in.
We had a pretty good week. It was our District Conference out here in Gangneung, so all the branches came here and had some really good meetings. Our President and his wife spoke and Elder Yamashita from the area presidency came and spoke as well. Normally, missionaries are only allowed to go to the Sunday sessions of conferences, but our president gave us permission to go to all the meetings. He figured we are a pretty vital part of each of our branches and that it would be good for us to go to all the meetings. And it was. Elder Yamashita spoke in English and had a translator and our president spoke in Korean. It was pretty impressive. They had a huge push on missionary work and going to the rescue. Apparently there are about 1000 members on record in the whole district, but there is definately not that many coming out to church. That's about 200 people per branch. But at that point, it's a ward. So there is a ton of less active work out here. They talked about Elder Nelson's talk and asking the missionaries and giving them some direction on who to visit and try to bring back. It was really good. Our branch had a choir so we got to sing at it too. It was fun. The other fun part was seeing all the members. Since this is my second time around in this zone, I've been to almost every area and have met a lot of the members. My favorite was talking with the Tae Baek members. There was a girl that we re-activated while I was there yesterday and still going strong. It was really good to talk with them again.
We went on exchanges this week. We have a former AP in our zone now and he's in a threesome, so I went with him and one of his companions. It's kind of hard to give training to a former AP. It went something like this:
Me: "Well I read about working with members in PMG and it was really good. So I thought we could talk about that today."
Former AP: expounds doctrine in words so great human hands cannot write them.
Me: "Yep. So that's today's training."
While I was on this exchange I got my package from Danielle. It was the best package ever!! Holy smokes! I can't believe it! The most unbelievable thing though is that no one spilled the beans to me. It took me a couple weeks to get caught up and it was still a surprise. It was a good way to find out. That shirt is my new sleeping shirt.
Our investigators are doing pretty good. Or at least one is. He came to district conference yesterday and liked it. He said he wants to come every week so that's a good sign. We're hoping to get him baptized this month. Our less active work is doing pretty good as well.
Well that was pretty much our week. Thanks for doing a good job on my college stuff Mom. That looks good. I'll try to study a lot of Korean to make sure I do well in that class. Should be fun. Have a good week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Lots of good stuff

{Oct 29, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like you guys had a pretty good weekend. A "Moodyful" weekend. Haha that's funny. Is it really time to start signing up for classes?! I like that list you have going. As for an artsy class I think a music class would be fun. Maybe jazz. That sounds like fun. Or a percussion class would be good too I think. I was thinking about trying to do some percussion ensemble stuff to get some extra curicular stuff going. I don't know how competitive it is or what not but maybe you can look into that. And I kind of like the idea of "intro." I think I'm a bit rusty in everything, so I don't really want to get up there and then bomb all my classes. What exactly is the film class? I kind of want to do some photography sometime, but it's not a super desperate thing. It just sounds fun. But so does the music classes. Dang. There's too much good stuff. Sorry I'm not being very decisive. Music sounds good, either jazz or a percussion class if that is possible. As for Korean, I do want to take some classes. I don't know what level I am, but I kind of feel like I'm a at a pretty average "missionary" level. I guess that's something I can figure out when I get there. And MTC would be sweet. I think the Korean department is a bit hard to get in becuase it's not too big. But once again, I can look into that when I'm there.
Wow that was a lot. Hopefully that helps. So here's a pretty cool "coincidence" that just happened like an hour ago. It's my companion's birthday today and one of our English class member's took us out to lunch. Holy cow it was so good. And then he wanted to go to a coffee shop and talk some more, because that's Korean culture. We figured since it was our P-day and we have some time we would go. Don't worry, we got smoothies. But anyways, As we were getting into the elevator to go up to the shop, one of our new English class members stepped out and we just managed to get a little wave in by the time we passed each other and recognized each other. It was pretty crazy becuase we gave her a Book of Mormon and are going to try to pick her up as an investigator. We must have been supposed to go to that coffee shop at just that time. And then when we were in the actual shop, they had a Lionel Richie song playing. That's when I knew we made the right decision.
Transfers happened this week, but nothing happened here. We're going on our third transfer together. We've reached the level of an "eternal companionship." But it's good. I don't like transfering and I especially didn't want to move for my last transfer. Lately we've been having some pretty good success with less active members. We've been doing a lot of searching and it's not been too bad. Probably the best out of all my areas. Usually a lot of less active members move somewhere else and they pretty much disappear, so it's been good to actually get in with some and meet with them. And a lot of them are part member families, so hopefully we can keep meeting with them and start to teach their family members. We're also working on a little referral program that one of my old companions and I did in my last area, so this week we'll be visiting a lot of the active members as well and get them going on this to help us find more investigators.
As far as investigators go, we've got one guy who is pretty solid. The second time we met him, we reviewed the restoration by watching the restoration DVD (briliant, right?) and then we talked about it for a bit. There was one part of the lesson that had the longest quite session of my life. It was so intense. But I think everything was just settling in for him, and so I asked him if he had any questions and he was like, "How does that baptism thing work?" So we jumped on that like a puma hunting her prey. We pulled out pictures, scriptures, and even showed him the baptismal font. We haven't quite got a date with him yet because of his schedule, but we're kind of planning for the end of next month. If he just comes to church I think it will be set.
We have our district conference coming up this weekend and our branch is doing a special musical number, so we've been practicing for that. It's pretty fun. It should be a good meeting. Our mission president is coming and one of the councilors in the area presidency is coming. And he's Japanesse so he's just going to speak in English and then have a translator. So that will be nice. I'm pretty excited. We also have a big meeting coming up in a couple weeks for the 50th anniversary of the Korea mission. So there's a lot of good stuff to look forward to right now.
Well I think those where the highlights of my week and everything I wanted to share. I took a sweet picture from this cafe we were at and I wanted to send it but I didn't have my cord. I'll have to send it next week. Hopefully you guys have a good week. Maybe Mikelle will get her call this week. We'll see. Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius

I have malaria!

{Oct. 22, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Ok I think I need to make a trip to Texas. That sounds like a lot of fun. For some reason a lot of the emails seemed to have lots of surprises or stuff that I didn't know. Like Mikelle putting her papers in (I'm working on the revelation now, give me a minute), Katie going to college and all the cousins growing up, and Mom with a tablet. I think I knew that last one but it just still kind of blows my mind that Mom can handle that type of technology. I'm going to be the most outdated one in the whole family. That's embarassing. Ok for Mikelle's call I'm going to say...back east somewhere...maybe church history...Ohio? Sure. Either that or Uganda. She would fit in nicely there. Any other news on calls? No, Danielle, I haven't gotten your package yet. We were in Seoul last week and I thought it might have gotten there then, but it hadn't. But it might be there by now. I probably won't be able to get it for the next couple weeks though because we aren't going into Seoul for a bit. Unless we transfer. But that's not looking very likely. We find out tonight. I really liked Grandma's hill billy friend. It kind of reminded me of one of our "friends" who rides around town on a little motor bike and picks up cardboard. He hangs out in front of our church sometimes and smokes and asks us if we have a meeting. There certainly are some interesting people in the world.
This week has been pretty good. We had that blood drive but they wouldn't let me give blood. I had spent the night in a malaria-risk area and that was all it took. I was really looking forward to fullfilling the blood portion of the goal of leaving behind my blood, sweat, and tears in Korea, but so much for that. I even told them I was O- but that wasn't good enough for them. It seemed like a pretty good service project though. We also had interviews with our president so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip. My mission president is the man. Everytime I talk with him I my respect for his knowledge and wisdom grows. He gave me some good advice. We talked about goals and instead of setting goals for the end of my mission, he said to set goals for the end of the year. That way it's not like a countdown or a trunky goal and it will continue afterwards and give me something to keep working on when I get home. Genius.
We had a pretty cool miracle this week. Some guy who was contacted back in the summer randomly called us and wanted to meet. Apparently he had made a couple appointments with the missionaries but something always came up and he had to cancel and he felt bad about it so he called us up and met us. He's sweet. He has some good potential. We taught a pretty solid first lesson and committed him to baptism and he accepted. So it's looking pretty good so far, but we still have to keep going. Finding has been doing pretty good lately. We're just trying to get to the next step and keep them meeting and progressing.
Ok remember how you told me about Elder Scott Heinrich and Sister Jill Christensen? Well get this. While we were at that blood drive, one of the office elders came up to me and asked, "Do you know an Elder Scott Heinrich serving in the German-speaking Alpine Mission?" I guess he had emailed our mission about something and asked about me and Elder Stanley. It was pretty crazy. I just found it pretty funny that it happened the same week you told me about that referral. Such a small world.
I had another one of those "boy, I'm glad I stuck with the piano" moments yesterday. We have district conference in a couple weeks and our branch is singing at it and they wanted to practice yesterday. The girl who normally plays the piano had something come up and they didn't really have anyone who could jump in there and play, so they asked me to play it so we could practice. It was kind of rough and I've gotten a bit rusty, but it was still fun to play. But I could almost hear Mom and Allyson in my head saying, "see, I told you that you would use the piano on your mission." I quote our beloved prophet: "Thanks Mother."
That was pretty much the highlights of the week. Not too bad of a week if you ask me. You'll have to keep me updated on Mikelle's call and give a report on Malea's farewell. Oh and I had a question for Dad. Is there anyway to prevent those little sores/cuts that get in where the cheeks connect to the gums? Or is there something I can do to make them better? I've had a couple recently and they're kind of annoying. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate them. That's pretty much all I need. Have a good week and we will hear from you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Conference is the best!

{Oct 15, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Wow it was kind of nice to get a couple emails from a few extra people this week. Thanks Moody's and Chris behind the desk. Haha. Ok that story about Sister Jill Christensen and Elder Scott Heinrich is way cool. How did they find that out? That's what I want to know. I feel like I have no connection to Salt Lake. We need more Koreans going to Temple Square! Except there was a lady who came to our English class for the first time this last week and she had been there. That was kind of a miracle story too. We have a couple adds for our English class in the local newspaper and we also hand out little fliers, but apparently this lady saw our flier in some intersection that I didn't even know we had advertisements there. So that was kind of cool. The part of the story where she gets baptized is still in the works. Thanks for the jokes Dad, but I don't have time to read them. Maybe someday. I'm sure they can wait. As well as those cinnonmon rolls. Those better wait too.
Ok conference was amazing! I think it's safe to say it was one of the best ones ever. At least in the past six months. Priesthood session was my favorite. It felt like a punch in the face and then pushed onto the ground only to be picked up, brushed off, and sent on our way again. President Eyring had some pretty funny parts as well. I was dying when he was talking about the "small plates" they made in their family. We had an investigator come to the Sunday morning session, so we sat with him and watched it in Korean. Or at least attempted to watch it. It was pretty hard to understand everything. We were able to bring the DVD home and watch it on our little DVD player though so we can watch them again. Holy smokes, Elder Holland really called down the fire this time around. He gave a somewhat similar talk while I was in the MTC, but it kind of had a similar theme: you've come this far and now you can't go back. It was kind of cool to experience those talks at the stages of my mission that I did, though. It was super motivating to hear during the first few weeks into my mission and now it's another good reminder of the things I've learned and committed too. As were all the talks. You can always count on conference for that.
As for the rest of the week, we went into Seoul for zone leader council. We got to our president's house about 8:45ish and we just sat and hung out with him and his wife and talked. They also gave us ice cream for my birthday. It was really nice. We got a training on revelation through prayer. It's going to be a good focus this month. Oh we also picked up a new investigator through our church's basketball hoop. We were inside the church doing something and we heard someone shooting so we went out and found this kid playing basketball. We played a bit and talked a bit and then he said he was curious about our church. It was pretty cool. I don't know how solid it's going to be but it was at least good to pick up another investigator. 
We're going into Seoul again tomorrow for the blood drive. Woot! Except there's a small chance I might not be able to donate. Apparently one of the areas in my last district has a danger of malaria and if anyone has been there they might not be able to donate. We'll have to see. Maybe if I tell them I'm O- they'll let me in. Haha. It should be good though. Oh and I was going to tell you it was a good thing you didn't send a package, because I just sent off a box of stuff today and it cost 50 bucks. And that was by boat. It was kind of a big box. Pretty much half my life was in it. Hopefully it makes it, but I wouldn't be expecting it anytime soon if I were you.
Well I hope you guys have a good day and a good week. When I was outside today it felt like marching band season. I was tempted to do a little marching but I decided it might be better to maintain my image haha. At least I don't have the big overalls. Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius

The field is white, already to harvest

{Oct 8, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! That made my day. And it was good to hear from the Jeff and Jen household. I love their family. Especially the twins. Haha that story was super funny. I laughed pretty hard at that. Ok. I was way stoked to hear about the new age for missionaries. I heard from one of the missionaries in our zone who is also the branch president, so while he was doing some branch stuff, he checked out the highlights and told us about it. So crazy! I feel like that is so young, but then in my personal study I read about the two thousand stripling warriors and figured if they could do it then, why not now? But I do agree with President Monson. Think about it and pray about it and talk to your priesthood leaders. Even though the stripling warriors were young, they were exceedingly valient and true at all times. But I think it's going to increase the number of missionaries, especially the sisters. It actually won't affect Korea because they were already sending missionaries out at 18 because of the two year military duty. But the missions will start getting younger. It's going to be interesting. I was thinking about who all was going to be going on missions now.
It sounds like the rest of conferece was good. At least from the parts you guys saw. It's kind of funny how you guys have so many other things going on and can't quite catch all the sessions whereas we've been planning and looking forward to this weekend for weeks. I can't imagine doing anything else and missing conference. I want to hear it all and just absorb all the talks. Especially priesthood session. Elder Holland is always super good. Did Bishop Gary Stevenson speak? I shook his hand. Twice. That's my only claim to fame up there on the stand.
This week has been pretty good. It kind of felt like a trial of faith with potentials not meeting and other investigators falling through. But like always, our hard work paid off, and the beauty of it is that it didn't happen until Sunday night. We talked to more people than we ever have before this week and then Sunday night we picked up a new investigator who also accepted a soft baptismal commitment, and we met a pretty cool family who wants to learn English. The mom and the son said they'll come to general conference on Sunday and want to check out our church. The dad is a pro ping pong player (where's Scatagories when I need it?) and said we can come over to his ping pong practice place (I'm on fire now!) and play anytime. So watch out Kadin and Kylie! It's game on. Then at the 10:25 buzzer shot, our investigator who was baptized last year but not confirmed texted us wondering if we could meet today. Unfortunately we have to go into Seoul today so we couldn't meet, but he's at least back and wants to meet. It was so awesome.
That's so funny that Ty and Logan pray for us all the time. We're actually doing our zone focus on the principle of "praying always" so I've been thinking about that a lot. We got the idea from a talk by Elder Bednar in a conference in 2008. I can't remember which session though. Maybe October? Anyway. It was a good talk. We're going to focus on that principle, planning effectively, and then acting on those prayers and plans with faith. It should be good.
Well that's about all I can think of from this week. It went by pretty fast and I think this week will be even faster due to our meeting in Seoul and conference. But it should be a good spiritual boost. Thanks again for wishing me a happy birthday. 21 doesn't sound too old to me anymore. I've been that old since I stepped off the plane in Korea. And sometimes when we talk to people on the street we ask them how old we look and I got 28 the other day. So I'm good with 21. It's not quite as bad as some of the other birthdays coming up this year. Hehe. Hope you all have a good week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius


1. This was when we found 50 bucks. Woot.

2. Here's the rice fields. I think I've seen about a whole cycle of rice fields now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Chu Seok!

{Oct. 1, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Ok today was a good email reading session. I felt like there was a good variety of emotions. I quite enjoyed all of them. The pictures were also a plus. I like the one of Kadin trying not to throw up in the band. Good job Kadin. Maybe you should go do the drumline. It's way more fun there haha. The twins had way good times in the 5K! I was impressed. And way to go Mom and Dad for bringing up the rear. That actually takes a lot of effort. Chu Seok has been pretty good. We got to go over to a member's house Sunday afternoon and have lunch with them and then play some games. The last time we visited them I introduced Pass the Pigs and they loved it so much they requested that I bring it again. We also made little snack things. I don't really know how to explain it. We flattened out pieces of dough in our hands, put some sugary stuff or red bean paste in them, folded them up, and then steam them. It was pretty fun. And our members were really impressed at how well we could do it. Beginners luck. Or just foreigner luck. Something like that. We also had a zone activity in Won Ju and helped a member there with some yard work at a house she just moved into. Then yesterday we spent our whole P-day cleaning our house and reorganizing stuff. So it was a pretty good holiday.
Here's some pretty cool news. Our mission is doing a blood drive! I didn't think we would be able to because we're chuck full of vacines, but apparently they still want our blood. It must be healthier or something. But I'm way excited for that! It's a part of the 50th anniversary of missionary work in Korea.
We had a pretty lucky find this week as well. Unfortunately it wasn't a golden investigator, or any investigator for that matter, but it was 50 bucks! We were heading towards a member's house and we decided to just walk and try to talk to people along the way, and a little piece of paper caught my eye and it was a 1000 won, which is about a dollar. Thinking it was my lucky day, I bent down to pick it up and then another paper caught my eye. It was 50000 won, which is about 50 dollars. Then I realized I probably couldn't just take that and buy ice cream for me and my companion. We tried to find the person who lost it but no luck there. Our mission president said it's basically our money now and we can do whatever we want with it. We actually still have it, but I'm pretty sure we're just going to give it to fast offerings. Since we couldn't help the person who originally lost the money, we might as well give it to someone else who needs it.
I had another "I love Korea" moments sometime this week. Most little kids when they see us wave and say "hello" and we do the same to them and usually that's the end of the conversation. But one kid got pretty brave and decided to try out some more English that he learned. Now usually it's something like "Where are you from?" or "Where are you going?" but not this time. This kid was original. After his nice greeting to us he said, "I'm in the bathroom!" We just gave him a thumbs up and replied with "Good job!" It made his day. And mine.
I can't really think of anything else that happened this week. Oh I did pack up a box of stuff to send home while we were cleaning up the house. That was a little weird. I'm just going to mail it by boat so it doesn't cost me a fortune. So don't expect anything too soon. Other than that, I think that was our week. And it's looking like this week is going to be pretty normal as well. The blood drive isn't until the 17th so I'm just going to be getting ready for that and try to beat all my old times from high school. I'm going for a new personal record. It should be good. Have a good week! You'll have to keep an eye out for all the good talks at Conference and give me a heads up. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

A good week

{Sept. 23, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like everyone has had a fairly normal week. Haven't seen that for awhile. It's Swiss Days already? Dang. Hopefully I can do the 5K next year. I might need that year to get back in shape. My companion and I have been going outside to exercise the past couple days before it gets too cold and I realized my lungs need to get back in shape. It will be good to start running a little more. How often is Danielle planning on going to St. George? Isn't it a little longer of a trip than Provo? That will be fun though.
This week has been really good for us. We went into Seoul on Tuesday and I went to a market to try and find some souveniers, but didn't have much success in finding good stuf. I did get a pretty cool table runner and placemats for Mom's table though. Hopefully it works out. They said it's 2 meters long and I figured the table could probably make that work somehow. I heard about a pretty good market place that has good souveniers and stuff so the next time or two I'm in Seoul I'll have to go check it out. Does anyone have any suggestions or have anything in mind that they want? I'm kind of getting a big box together of just stuff (books, clothes, etc...) to send home and I'll probably put those in that. Unless I have room in my bags. We'll see. But I'll try to get everything together and get it sent off so it can get to America around the same time I do. Anyways. Wednesday we had a mission tour with the area president and it was so good! I think it was better than the last one mostly because Pres. Ringwood served his mission here and just went off on how great a place Korea is and how blessed we are to be serving here. He talked a lot about Moroni 7 and faith. I probably can't tell you everything about it right now, but maybe later. It was really good though. It was definately a good boost of motivation and I think it attributed to a lot of the other successes we saw this week. For some reason, our street contacting has been pretty rough, but now it's totally flipped around. We've gotten a lot of phone numbers and some return appointments and some pretty good potential investigators. A lot of it also came from just trying to talk to everyone, like what Mom said. Going the extra mile. So it's nice to have our hard work finally paying off again. We also picked up a new investigator this week. He kind of reminds me of my last mission president. He is a retired English professor at one of the big universities here and just loves to study and learn. I felt a little uninteligent after seeing his volumes of books for his PhD on F. Scott Fitzgerald and my only remark was "I read the Great Gatsby once." He could be a really good investigator, but he is just curious about Mormonism right now. He doesn't really have any intentions of doing Mormon stuff like praying and going to church right now. But he did say maybe in a year or two. So there's hope.
Let's see...I'm supposed to tell you that I will be emailing you next week on Tuesday. It's the biggest holiday in Korea this weekend (Sat., Sun., Mon.) so most places will be closed and we won't be able to email. Oh and to answer Dad's question about North Koreans, yes I have met some. There was a less active mom and daughter in one of my old areas that escaped from North Korea about 5 or 6 years ago who we met a couple times. And there's the occasional old person who's from North Korea. They're not too common. One of my old district leaders had some guy who was kind of in the middle of escaping and trying to help his family meet them and wanted them to help him escape or something. It probably could have been a cool story but I don't think anything happened.
Well I can't think of anything else that happened this week. That was pretty much it. The weather is pretty nice here too. The nights and mornings are a little chilly but the day is just about perfect still. I'm trying to savour it because I'm pretty sure it's not going to last too much longer. I think it was around Conference time last year we started wearing suit coats again and then it just went downhill from there. I'm just hoping we don't get snow.
Thanks for the emails and stuff. Hopefully you have a good week and I'll talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We missed the ark

{Sept. 18, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the pictures. Those were way fun to see. Who the heck are those kids that look like Kadin and Kylie?! And is that Dallin Moody? He's looking big. He must be pumping some iron. Were those my cross country shorts that Kadin was rocking in one of those pictures? How much of my stuff is he wearing now? I feel like my whole life just got taken by my dong saeng. That's little brother. Or sister. And Kerry had her baby?! I was actually thinking about that the other day. I remember when you guys told me she was expecting another one but then I never heard about it again. Well cool. Good job Kerry for getting her here on an even day and for missing the 13th. I can't wait to meet her.
Well this week was pretty good. It was transfer week but we stayed the same here. That wasn't a huge surprise. Elder Stanley got a good shake this round. He got transfered and is training. I talked to him yesterday and he seems to be doing pretty good. We did a lot of less active visiting this week. There were a couple up by a pretty nice beach out here that we tried to visit but one wasn't home and we couldn't find the other. The beach was way cool though. We did have a pretty good miracle with another less active though. It was the last one on our list for that area we were working in and the night was wrapping up, but we hurried and visited him. We knocked on the door and nothing happened, but we could kind of hear something moving inside. So we knocked again and then waited. The door finally opened and there was our less active member! He thought we were something bad outside so that's why he was a little hesitant to open the door. Haha. But he's way sweet. Luckily he had a really good relationship with the missionaries that taught him so he was open and friendly with us. He's even texted us some pictures of Jesus he drew back in the day. So that was cool. We were going to visit him again last night, but there was a typhoon. Which is why I didn't email yesterday. It was pouring buckets yesterday. I have never seen it rain like that in my whole life. It was unreal. And it was super windy. We were right in the middle of the typhoon this time so it was a lot worse than the one before.  Our president even called us the night before to warn us. He said it was expected to rain about a foot in 24 hours and we heard there were 90 mph winds. We managed enough courage to go out and grab some groceries, and by the time we accomplished our mere 10 minute walk to the store, our shoes and pants were soaked. So to avoid the danger of being blown away or drowning, we got permission to email this morning.
We are heading in to Seoul today again. We have our temple session tonight and then tomorrow we have a special conference with the area president, President Ringwood. It's going to be good. The last one was amazing. So we're pretty excited for that. There was a missionary in our branch who just returned home from Busan and we had dinner with him and our branch president's family. The members were just ranting and raving about how great he had become. It was kind of funny, but pretty cool. We were pretty excited because we thought we just got a solid member to teach with whenever, but he left to go to school yesterday. Lame. But it was kind of fun to hear about how they do things down in Busan and got some good ideas for our missionary work.
That's about all the excitement I can think of. It doesn't quite sound as eventful as having Japanese kids for 10 days, but it was still pretty good. Hopefully you can have a little more time for relaxation this week. Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius


1. Here's the beach I was talking about

 2. This was me and my companion last night. We had to send in some pictures for a slideshow

3. Here's an Asian picture I took. Haha. Slightly rediculous.

Monday, September 10, 2012

God bless America.... and every other country

Hey everyone,
I can't believe you guys are still hitting the lake. It must be a little warmer in St. George than it is here. I'm not sure what the temperature is exactly but I think I saw somewhere that it's 26 degrees. It's about perfect. And the occasional ocean breeze is nice too. But I don't think I'd want to be out on the water right now. That time seemed to pass here. Congratulations on the new job Danielle! That's way sweet. But that's too bad you guys are killing everything in your house haha. I agree with Mom. I might have to think more about visiting you guys. Maybe you should just come hang out with us in Utah. It might be good for your health. So are there international sisters at the St. George temple? I didn't think they'd have Japanese missionaries there, but that's way cool! How long do you have your Japanese kids? What else are you going to do?
Well this week has been a little different than most weeks. We went on exchanges with one of the district leaders in our zone and his companion. I was with the district leader and while we were eating dinner, we got a random call from our mission president. It turned out that this missionary I was with was being transfered into the office the next day and that his companion would be working with us for a week. So we got him back the next morning to pack and then we sent him off with the office elders and we've been working in a threesome since then. It's been pretty fun. The missionary who's with us is from Germany. So now when we talk to people we always say "he's from Germany, he's from Australia, and I'm from America." I think people get a good kick out of it. It even helped us out with this one contact. We were knocking on doors and were getting nothing, and then finally at the last door of 15 floors, a lady was willing to talk with us. She was asking a little bit about the history of the church and how big it is and stuff and then we explained how we were from all over the world and she seemed pretty impressed with it.
I'm trying to think of what else happened this week. We had zone leader council. That was fun. Oh we found out that is in Korean now, as well as in tons of other languages, and so we're going to do something with that for part of this 50 year anniversary of missionary work in Korea, we're going to try to have all the missionaries have a little profile on there. I think it's going to be pretty cool. It's still kind of in the planning process, but I think our president wants to do something with that. He's pretty smart. 
Hmm...this week seems pretty uneventful now that I'm looking back on it. But at the same time it kind of has. It's just missionary work. Nothing wrong with that, but it can get a little repetative sometimes. Shoot I don't think I spelled that right. Anyways. Maybe I'll just wrap it up and let you get on with your lives. Haha my companion is freaking out right now because his dad just gave him a countdown for his mission. Don't get trunky! Just remember Pres. Uchtdorf's talk about always being in the middle.
Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Survived the Typhoon

{Sept 3, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well we survived the typhoon. It didn't turn out to be as big as everyone made it sound like it was going to be. One day was super windy and then it rained pretty hard for a little bit. Then it was just rainy another day. But I think our little nook of woods didn't get hit too bad. We were mailing some letters off and saw a little news and down in Taejeon there was some flooding and more damage. Seoul didn't get hit too badly either. Is Brad's companion Brady Berryessa?! That's so crazy! Danielle said something about him having a companion from St. George but I didn't hear anything else about it. I can't believe that. I didn't even know Brady was on a mission. I feel a little out of the loop. But that's super crazy. So you guys are hosting the Japanese kids again? Are you going to host some Koreans again? You should if you can. Don't they come in January-ish? I'd be able to actually meet them this time. Oh yeah I forgot about Labor Day. Sheesh. All I know are the Korean holidays now. Chu Seok is coming up soon. Gotta get ready for that. It's a big one.
This past week has been pretty good. Even though the typhoon wasn't sandbag worthy, it did put a little kink in our missionary work. We had a way sweet miracle the other day. We got a random text from a guy asking about one of the old missionaries that served here. He was saved in our phone in the member group so we thought he was some old less active or something. Then he just asked if we could meet and of course, being the safety precautious and "stranger danger" oriented missionaries that we are, we agreed. We planned to meet him after church so we asked our branch president if he knew who he was and he didn't know, so then we thought it was an investigator. So we finally meet him and as we were talking, we realized exactly who it was. There was an investigator last year who met the missionaries, got baptized, and then suddenly moved to Seoul before getting confirmed, and now he just got back to Gangneung and met us. It's kind of an interesting situation. Our mission president said to just get him confirmed and get him active in the church again. So we pretty much just walked into a confirmation. Which is way better than Free Parking. That might help you game players understand just how cool it is. ;)
Speaking of games. I introduced Pass the Pigs to the youth in our branch. They thought the pigs were...mindblowing. That's a good translation. But one of the young women must have been paying her tithing because the windows of Heaven opened up for her and she destroyed us all in just one turn. So then nobody thought it was fun anymore and we just played Uno. Haha. It was fun though.
We took a ride on the Reading Railroad and went to the other district's district meeting in my old greenie area. That was fun. We recieved a good training on prayer. And now that the month is over, our focus on the Book of Mormon is changing to the Sacrament. The mission is focusing on recieving revelation through church attendance for ourselves and for our investigators. It should be good. And since it's a new month, we're heading into Seoul today to take a walk on the Boardwalk and have our monthly zone leader council. 
Well that's about all the important stuff I can think of. I don't need to bore you with anything else. Have fun playing your games! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Monday, September 3, 2012

Grab the Sandbags!

{Aug 27, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the emails. I especially liked the blog insert from Danielle. (See blog post here) I have seen that movie so I knew exactly what was going on. That's so funny. You guys are STILL going to the lake?! What's the weather been like there lately? We had a couple days where the temperature dropped a bit and it actually got a little chilly. We even wore long sleeves for a couple days. We also found out from the mission office that there's a typhoon coming in tomorrow and if we need sandbags we can go pick them up at local community centers. That should be exciting. Luckily we live on the 13th floor so I'm not super worried, but I'm not quite sure how our day is going to turn out. We might have to park the bike. Congrats Kadin on passing the Eagle board! Especially since you get to go on the Eagle trip. Those are fun. Are you going to the same place I went to? Oh and I just used my credit card this last week. I bought a sweet vocabulary book while we were in Seoul. So it should be good.
Well this week has been pretty good. The girl that got baptized last week was confirmed yesterday so now it's official. We just have to fax in the baptismal record. She's already read through first Nephi and is still asking way good questions about some of the scriptures. I'm not really looking forward to the Isaiah chapters, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. We had zone conference this week. We went into Seoul on Tuesday, had our temple session in the evening, spent the night, and then headed over to the conference in the morning. It was a way good meeting. Our mission president's wife gave an awesome talk about grace that pretty much changed my whole understanding of it. She referenced a book by Brad Wilcox that sounds way good. I can't quite remember what it is. "His Grace is Sufficient" or something like that. You should check it out sometime. Then our president talked a little bit about the history of the church and missionary work in Korea. This year marks 50 years since missionaries came to Korea so our mission is trying to think of something cool to do to celebrate it. But he talked about looking back on history and remembering the sacrifices of others and see how far we've come now. Holy cow. The first missonaries in Korea were so solid. Their stories kind of made me feel like scum, but it was also some good motivation. So it was a pretty good zone conference.
We also had kind of an interesting experience this week. One that I've never had on my mission. I don't know if I've told you about our member that was in the hospital or not, but for at least the past month we've been visiting a super old and the epitone of frail and fragile member in the hospital, and we found out that he passed away this week. It was kind of sad but he's definately a lot better now. His health was getting worse and worse so it was time for him to go. But he didn't really have any family and was just an old guy who lived by himself, so instead of a funeral our branch just had a special worship service thing for him. It just made me grateful for the plan of salvation and the gospel.
We had a cool miracle last night. We made some brownies and were going to take them to our branch president, but instead of riding our bikes, my companion felt like we should walk. So thanks to my blueness I didn't put up a big fight and just agreed, and along the way we talked to a guy who had met with missionaries before and even had a Book of Mormon and had read a little bit of it. He wasn't quite ready to make an appointment or give us his phone number, but we gave him another Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it and if he had a change of heart he'd call us. It was pretty cool. It could've been a little better had he made an appointment but reading the Book of Mormon is good too. I just took that little flake of gold and put it in my bag.
Well hopefully you guys don't have too rough of a week. You'll have to keep an eye out for the weather here. God might be cleansing this part of the world with a flood again. Wish us luck. I'm not planning on getting washed away so I'll talk to you next week. Have a good one!
Love, Elder Dorius

Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey everyone,
Thanks for the emails as always. I especially liked the one from Jesse. It gave me a good laugh. Especially the part about the peasants and the chicken taking his mouth on a trip to the Terrestrial Kingdom. Jesse should email me more often. What the Bourne Legacy? I heard that Matt Damon (sp?) wasn't in this one. I don't even know how I heard that, but I did somehow. Was it good? You might have to throw it on that list for me. So how is Clark? Did you tell him hi for me? That stinks you missed the homecoming. But the after party is where it's at anyways. At least that's where the food is at. And that's what's important.
Well this week was good. I wrote in my journal last night and realized I missed the entire week of writing. I hate it when that happens. But it usually means we were busy and that's what we want. I went on exchanges with one of the district leaders in our zone. Nothing too exciting there. But it's kind of funny becuase when this missionary first started his mission, I was his district leader, and then we got transfered to the same district again and now he's my district leader. So we just talked about district leader stuff and things like that. It was kind of hard though because he's Korean so I got a good dose of listening and speaking practice. Which reminds me, I have been studying Chinese characters the past few weeks because like 70 percent of Korean is based off of Chinese. It's the best! I learned something cool. The Chinese character for America also means beautiful. Hmm...what a coincidence. So I just wanted to share that with you. You guys might appreciate it more than my Australian companion. Haha.
We had a cool experience on the street this week. We started contacting a guy which led into kind of a long discussion and so he invited us into his work and we got to sit down and introduce the Book of Mormon to him. He seems like he has a lot of interest. He could be pretty golden. We were supposed to meet him again last Saturday, but something came up and he had to reschedule. So hopefully that works out well.
The biggest highlight this week was our baptism yesterday! It was really good. Our investigator is so solid! We met with her on Saturday night and just went over her reading in the Book of Mormon. She read up to 1 Nephi 11 and while we were talking about it, she had some really good questions. One of her questions was in chapter 8 about the tree of life and why some people made it all the way to the tree and ate the fruit but then turned away. It caught us a little off guard. I didn't even think about that until like my senior year so I wasn't expecting a question like that. She also asked why Nephi was commanded to kill Laban. It was kind of hard to explain, but with some help from our member we made it through. She's pretty smart. The baptism went really well. We had good support from our branch. I'll send a picture. One of the members bore her testimony at the baptismal service and she talked about how she was baptized at the same age and around the same time as our investigator. It was cool to see how good of a member she had become since she was baptized and it made me think our investigator can become like her. I certainly hope so.

Those were probably the main things this week. At least the main things I can remember. Hopefully this will compensate a bit for my lack of journal writing. We have our temple trip tomorrow. The missionaries usually go to a morning session, but because we're way out in the boonies, we're going in to Seoul tommorrow and having our P-day there and then go to an evening session. And then we get to stay the night there again. I like having the temple be our little summer cottage. If you're going to have any "summer cottage" it might as well be the temple. Then we have zone conference the next day. This will be the first one with our new president so I'm pretty excited. I'll try to give you a report of that next week. Have fun at school! Kadin's going to need all the blessings Heaven can afford in order to not get beat up at school. Haha. Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gold Flakes

Hey everyone,
Wow I can't believe all those people still remember me. That made me feel pretty special. And then I read about all of you guys forgetting to write me and being super distracted while you were writing me. Thanks a lot. I also can't believe that Elder Anderson is coming home this week. That's so crazy. Thanks for his emails occasionally. Those are fun to read. Especially because they're so "Clarky." Hopefully you can catch the homecoming and fill me in. You'll have to tell him hi for me too. Are Kadin and Kylie already in middle school? What the heck? Whenever I see middle school students on the street I think, "Kadin and Kylie aren't that big, are they?" I guess there's probably been a few changes since I've been gone.
This week has been pretty good. I think I've said that about every week. We had zone leader council on Tuesday, so we rode in to Seoul Monday night and stayed at our President's house. It was way cool. It felt like a hotel, but I'm sure if you guys were there you'd probaly think it was like the barracks. Since we had the place to ourselves, we got to spend some good time with our President and his wife and just talk. It was really fun. That's one thing I've really appreciated with our American president. With President Lee, it was kind of hard to have that personal relationship because of the languag barrier. So it was nice to just talk and get to know them better. Then all of Tuesday was spent at our meeting and talking to President more about our zone and stuff and then riding back home. Wednesday we met with one our family investigators. We kind of had a shaky lesson, but in the end they committed to a soft baptismal commitment. We're still going to have to work some things out but we at least have that focus now. So that was really good. Our other investigator with the baptismal date is still solid. She was out of town Saturday night and got back really early Sunday morning, but she still came to sacrament meeting and then we finished up all the lessons after church and got things ready for her baptism next week. We just have the interview this week and we need to make sure her parents are ok with it, but that hopefully won't be a problem. So we're pretty excited about that.
Now usually in my emails, I try to leave out all the boring, and not so fun parts of missionary work. But I think this time I might go into a little more detail because I learned a fairly good lesson from it. So the past few days have not been super fun. Even though we were seeing some success on the street and working hard, I just wasn't really enjoying the work. It was hard. And honestly I don't even know why. Probaly Satan. Don't listen to Satan. But we were listening to some conference talks and one came on from Elder Ballard's talk last April I think it was. He shared a story about a guy who moved to California during the 1849 gold rush to find big gold nuggets, but while he was there, he wasn't finding his greatly desired gold nuggets. Then another guy helped him out by finding some small gold flakes, but that wasn't good enough for the other guy. He was set on finding nuggets. He noticed his helper's bag was full of gold and told him how he was looking for nuggets like the ones in his bag. Well lo and behold, the bag was full of thousands of tiny gold flakes. That's when I realized that I needed to keep finding and treasuring gold flakes. We were getting quite a few, and some of them were pretty good sized, but I think I was just not appreciating it and just wanted nuggets. The funny thing is that this was one of the principles I learned the most on my mission, but I must have forgotten. That kind of happens a lot though. Just read the Book of Mormon. So that's kind of my word of wisdom this week. Celebrate the small victories.
Well that's pretty much been my week. With the start of the new month and new transfer, our zone has been trying to focus more on the Book of Mormon. My companion and I have been studying it a lot so far and trying to use it more in our missionary work. It's been fun. And it's been a good thing to focus on. You definately can't go wrong with that. Have a good last week of summer. Kadin, don't break anything before school starts. Haha. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just a few changes

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like you guys had a good trip. I'm glad you made it back safely. I definately want to go back there sometime. That would be way fun. It might be awhile before that happens though. Oh my gosh. The Olympics are everywhere. Seriously every tv has it playing. When we went into Seoul last week for transfers, it was on our bus and there was tons of traffic so our usual 3 hour bus ride ended up taking 45 extra minutes. It was super long so we sneaked a few peeks at the Olympics. Korea is actually doing pretty good. They're in 3rd place overall in medals, behind China and America. But you probably know all this. People are pretty proud of their country here.
Transfers were good. My new companion is from Australia/New Zealand. Round two for me and companions from down under. He's been in Korea for about a year and a couple months now. His name is Elder Coward. So far it's been good. Our whole zone got changed quite a bit. Our two district leaders are both Korean and this is both of their first times being district leader, and this is my companion's first time being a zone leader and he wasn't even a district leader. So I'm the only leader in our zone right now that has some past experience in another leadership position. No pressure. Ha. It's pretty fun though and there hasn't been any major issues to deal with yet. Elder Stanley is still doing well. He's also a zone leader. He's pretty far away from me though so our chances of serving together are pretty much gone. Our chances of even serving near each other are pretty much gone. But we see each other at least once a month at our zone leader meeting.
Our investigators are doing well. Our girl with the baptismal date, Hyeimin, is doing really well. She's been keeping all of her reading assignments in the Book of Mormon so we just committed her to start from the beginning and read some everyday. She also came to church again yesterday, so she's still on track to be baptized on the 19th this month. We're pretty excited. We've gotten tons of calls from people who want to learn English. Mostly older ladies. Unfortunately pretty much all of them don't have any gospel interest, so it's not worth too much. We picked up two girls whose mom wanted them to learn English who had really good potential. We met them for the second time and had a really good lesson and gave them Book of Mormons and then we got a text from the mom telling us to not visit again. It was a pretty solid drop. So that was lame. We've been meeting with a less active kid recently and we gave him the For Strength of Youth pamphlet and had him choose one thing to discuss when we came back. He chose dating. Typical teenage boy. But it was pretty fun.
That's pretty much been our week. I've felt a little scatterbrained with the start of the transfer and taking over my area/zone, but it's been good. The days go by fast and the weeks go by faster. It's still stinking hot. But tonight we're sleeping over at our President's house and they said they have air conditioning there. Boo ya! We're super stoked about that. Well have a good week. We'll talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's hot and getting hotter!

Hey everyone,
It looks like you guys are having fun in the big city. (The family is back East for a national track meet and some sight-seeing) I'm pretty sure I got all of Dad's pictures. I didn't count how many there were but I'd say 10 is a safe guess. Way to represent white people over there! Haha I thought that was so funny. How did you guys get involved with this anyway? Was it just something you signed up for or was it something you had to qualify for? I've been a little curious about that. I'm pretty sure Kylie can easily out run me now. 1:05 for the 400 is pretty solid. My time would probably be 1 hour and 5 minutes. Or maybe just 5 minutes. My bike has been getting me back in shape. We rode out to the beach this morning for exercise and it was so cool! I'll send some pictures.
Ok this week has been so stinking hot. What's the temperature like in St. George? It's been in the mid 30's all week here and I'm dying. We had a couple appointments last night and we had to book it on our bikes to get to our last one and when we got inside I just couldn't stop sweating. I was literally dripping for about the first ten minutes. This was our first time meeting with these people too so I was a little worried about how they would think of me. But luckily everyone understands how hot it is and they just gave me a towel to dry off with haha. It's pretty nasty though. Once the summer is done my short sleeve shirts are going to be trash.
Yesterday our 18 year old girl investigator came to church. So now her baptismal date is official. She just needs to come to church a couple more times and finish up the lessons and she'll be good to go. She's super solid. She added me as a friend on facebook and so I saw a little bit of my profile thing. That was weird. But yeah we're really excited for her to be baptized. Hopefully it all works out. She'd be a really good example to the youth in our branch. They're kind of punks sometimes. Haha. Typical teenagers.
This week was also the last full week of the transfer. We get our transfer calls tonight. I'm getting anxious again. I'm for sure staying because my companion is getting transfered to America and his new companion is going to be his eternal companion. Haha. So we've spent the last couple weeks eating all the best Korean food before he leaves. It's been good. And we have a couple people who want to take us out to eat today so all of our meals are set. Definately no complaints there.
How have the Olympics been? I saw part of the opening ceremonies and I was having an internal battle. It looked super sweet but I just tried to keep my head down and study some vocab. And then at a resturant someone flipped on the tv to the olympics and it was some of the swimming. Oh my gosh. That was the hardest thing ever. I didn't realize how much I miss watching sports. Especially the Olympics. They're a huge temptation, but I still kind of want to know they're going.
Well that's pretty much been my week. The heat is killing me and the Olympics are killing me. Once we get through both of those life will be better. It's still good though. Oh by chance have you gotten addresses for Mike and Kerry and Dean and Judy? Those are still the only things I need that I can think of. Oh and I had a question for Dad. Can toothpaste expire? I've been using Korean toothpaste for awhile and then I just pulled out my American stuff and it said it expired. I've still been using it. Is there going to be any problems if I keep using it? Old expired American toothpaste is probably still better than Korean toothpaste though. Haha. Anyways. That is all. I think. Have a good rest of your trip and we'll talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius


1. This is one of my favorite meals in Korea. We'll have to come back sometime and have you guys try it.

2. This was last night between our appointments. We caught a pretty good sunset. I don't know if the picture gives it justice though. But you can kind of see the fields where we cut though on our bikes.

3. Here's me and my bike. Kind of. It's at least me and my helmet.

4. This was on our bike ride this morning to the beach. That's part of my area.

5. The beach!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Crazy Week

Hey everyone,
Sorry I'm a little late. We had some issues at our regular email place. The internet was down and we didn't know where else we could email. But we ran a few errands and then we found one. So all is well. Oh geez. Can Kadin not just stay in one piece? Haha I can't believe he broke his arm. He said it's not too bad though. Is it casted? Has his boating trips come to an end? That would be unfortunate. Sounds like you guys had a perfect day on the lake. Ah that made me so jealous. So does your Maryland trip. Hopefully you guys keep doing fun stuff when I get home. We might have some problems otherwise.
Well this week has been pretty crazy. I didn't work in my own area with my own companion until Friday. Monday night we had interviews with President so we left that afternoon to get there in time. We started at six and didn't get done until 10 at night and I was the last one to interview. Everyone else had about 15 or 20 minutes, but because it was so late my interview went a little something like this:
"How do you think the zone is doing?"
"Pretty good."
"Do you have any questions or problems?"
"Ok well let's get your temple recommend done."
Boom done. Except he didn't have any of the current recommends left so I couldn't even get my temple recommend. So that was a pretty productive interview if I've ever had one. Then that night we slept in the temple dorms again. Way cool. That might be our new summer home when we go into Seoul to go to the temple and stuff. Then Tuesday was our P-day and we were able to spend it in Seoul. My companion and I both got suits. It's so legit. And we somehow talked the lady down for them. We mostly just talked about what we do and stuff and she felt bad for us or something and cut us a deal. Haha. The blessings of missionary work. That night our district traveled back with us and just spent the night at our place because we had district meeting Wednesday morning in our area. And then right after that I went on exchanges and worked in an area called Dong Hae. Then we met up again on Thursday morning and went on exchanges with another companionship. This time I worked in my area with another missionary. Then finally on Friday morning we met up again and my companion and I started working in our area. So there was a lot of traveling and a lot of exchanging this week.
Our investigators are doing pretty good. Our 18 year old girl accepted a baptismal date! She's way solid. She reads everything we give her and she prays. When we were talking about baptism we asked her how she thought about it and she said "when can I get baptize?" It was the best. The only thing is that she hasn't come to church yet so it doesn't officially count, but we also talked about the sabbath day and she couldn't come to church yesterday, but she said she'll try in the future. So we're pretty excited about that. Two other really good investigators came to church yesterday, but they had to leave right before sacrament meeting. We're not sure if they had the best experience at church so hopefully they'll come again. We're meeting them this weekend so we'll have a chance to talk about it. We had another neat experience yesterday. There was a guy from Switzerland traveling around Korea and he was staying with one of our members and they started talking about the church and he had quite a few questions so our member invited him to church and to talk with us. We talked for quite awhile and he had some pretty good questions. I'm really glad it was all in English becuase I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to follow all the things we talked about if it were in Korean. We gave him an English Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it and look up the missionaries when he gets home.
Speaking of Switzerland. I heard Roger Federer won Wimbledon. That's what's up. I knew he still had it in him. Apparently our branch president's wife really likes watching tennis so we had a good talk about it.
Anyway. Getting back to important stuff. Like the weather. It's stinking hot today. We've been riding our bikes around doing our errands and I'm just dripping in sweat. It's nasty. Hot, sticky summers aren't the greatest, but we've been pretty fortunatewith the rain. Last year it was pouring all the time and so far it's only rained hard a few days. We might have had a mild rainy season this year.
Well that was pretty much our week. A lot happened, but at the same time there's not too much to report on. This is the edited version. Oh my companion called the fire brigade this morning trying to get the phone number for the hospital that one of our members is at. That kind of explained why they were so anxious to help us. Haha. Things like that just make being a foreigner the best. Anyway that's about all I have. The only thing I ask for is addresses for Mike and Kerry and Dean and Judy. I feel really bad for not writing them at all so far and they've been helping out so much with my mission. So I'd be really glad if you could get those to me. Other than that I think I'm good. Hopefully you guys have a good time in Maryland. Good luck Kylie with your track meet! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius


1. I forgot to tell you about the spiders. They're everywhere! And they're super creepy. This was the biggest one we saw.

2. Here's the temple at night. Don't get to see that everyday.

3. And here's my suit. I need to get the pants adjusted buy that's what it looks like. Way cool.