Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

{May 13, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Long time no see, eh? It was great to talk to all of you again. Calling home is the best! I'm kind of sad that was my last one. At least it should be. Let's at least hope it's the last one. We wouldn't want any emergency phone calls now would we? And don't worry Kadin. You'll shoot up in no time. Once middle school and high school rolls around you'll be way tall.
So you pretty much know everything that's going on now, but I'll give you a quick update on what happened this week. We found a few more investigators. We took a little shortcut home one day and saw a couple punk kids smoking so of course we went over and talked to them. One kid had his whole arm covered in tattooes, which is rare in Korea, so I wasn't too sure how far we would get with them. But as we kept talking they turned out to be way cool and we met them a few days later and played basketball with them and three of their friends. The kid with the tattoo is sweet. He has an interesting background and has grown up in a rough house it sounds like, so the gospel is going to be a huge change for him and also his family. We're excited. The Sis. Park we've been teaching is doing great. She's reading the Book of Mormon, but having a hard time understanding it. Her less active husband wants to baptize her and our ward leaders want him to baptize her, but he has some problems with the Word or Wisdom that he needs to fix so we are thinking about moving that date back a little bit to help him be more prepared.
That's pretty much the highlights of this week. There were some slow, hard days, and there were a couple really good, productive days. I wouldn't mind a little more consistancy, but whatever works. The hard days just make the good days that much more good.
One thing I just remembered. We were talking with one of our investigators about prayer and how God is on our team and has our back and stuff. He's way good at English so he understands things like that when we say them. But at the end of the lesson he said the prayer in English and he said something along the lines of "Dear God, please watch our backs." It was funny. I've gotten better at holding in laughs during prayers since I've been on my mission.
The only other thing I wanted to tell you guys about was that jazz combo I already told you about. There was a rock band after them and they sang "Come Together" which was sweet. And there was a crazy drunk guy dancing at the front of the stage. I got a video of it. Haha. It's too big to send in an email so the next time I send my card home you can check it out. It's pretty funny. I just love all the funny random stuff we get to see everyday. Especially when they're mixed in with miracles. That's nice. Well once again, it was nice to talk to you. Have a happy Mother's Day! Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius

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