Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Real Men With Black Badges

{July 1, 2012}

Hey everyone,
I don't know why only Danielle got my letter last week. That was weird. Did you get all my pictures? I think I've sent quite a few the past few weeks. Those wild fires sound crazy. Are they pretty bad in St. George like that one year? Girls camp sounded fun. So did scout camp. Yes, Kadin, I do know what the ironman there is. My scout troop did it too. Did you go to Mapledell and have the Battle of Mapledell? That thing was sweet. Camps are always pretty fun. Oh my gosh. I can't believe all that stuff that happened to the Moody's. How did they get to go to the sessions Malea was counciling for? That'd be way fun. Especially in Nauvoo. I kind of want to be an EFY councilor. It sounds way fun. But I bet the Moody's are dying right now. It's so hard to wait to open a mission call. Ah. This week I was actually thinking a little bit about when my call came and how excited I was. It's definately an exciting time. I don't know what to guess. I think it'd be way funny if she came to Korea. She probably wouldn't have a problem stopping people to talk to them. The problem would be people trying to stop her and make sure her hair is real or something. Haha. Especially little kids. I've had random people just start stroking my arms to feel the hair on them. Gotta love Korea.
Well this week has been pretty good. Kind of long, but good. We had a lot of time for finding, which is a little tougher out here than Seoul. Well that's not entirely true. There's pros and cons. There's just not as many people out here so we can't just go outside and contact for a couple hours. That would make anyone go crazy. So we've literally done every single finding activity I've ever done my entire mission except for one thing. It's definately good motivation to pick up more investigators so we can spend more time teaching rather than finding. However, the upside of contacting out here is that people are generally nicer than people in Seoul. They're more willing to stop and talk for a bit. We've had some interesting conversations. Especially with a couple drunk people. One guy just grabbed us by the hand and walked home with us. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer. We talked to one kid that seems pretty interested. Maybe in the gospel or maybe just in us. We'll see. But he said he had seen "people with black badges" before. After that as I was walking around, I'd see myself in reflections and realized that our nametags really stand out. It's cool. And we talked to some old guys who called us "real men" after we told them about us and what we do. Haha. That was cool too. It's things like that that make serving out here worth it. Funny things happen. But it made me think how different we are from normal people on the street. Yeah we're tall and white, but that's not always the thing people notice. That's probably one of my favorite things of being a missionary. I get to be a "real man" with a "black badge."
Our investigators are doing well. The family we picked up my first week here is progressing. They read the Family Proclamation and liked it and we went over the Plan of Salvation and they liked it too. They have pretty good questions about the church in general so we have pretty high hopes for them. We're also meeting with an 18 year old girl who acts like an adult. She's so mature for her age. She's good about reading the Book of Mormon and likes everything we teach. Hopefully she can keep progressing too. Those are probably our best investigators right now. We have a few more people we're working with but things aren't quite as exciting with them.
What's the weather like in St. George now? It's been way nice out here. Just another pro of living outside of Seoul. My bike is doing good. My legs are still kind of tired but they're probably getting stronger. We went running a little bit this morning and I didn't feel like I was going to completely pass out and die so I must be getting back in shape a bit. Oh I had a question for Danielle. Well for Jesse actually. What is his neck size on his white shirts? I bought some Korean shirts but the neck is too big for me. In Korean size I'm a 95 and this one is 100. They measure it in neck size and chest size. If he wants it, I'll send it to you guys. If not, I'll do something else with it. Just let me know. Ok well I think that's about it. Happy 4th of July this week! Tell all the Dorius's hi for me at the reunion. Have a good week. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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