Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring is in the air

{April 2, 2012}

Hey everyone,

Thanks for that referral. I'll see what I can do about meeting her. It
might be kind of hard but I'll talk to the APs or something and see
what they say. And I'll keep my eyes open for those fan holders. I'll
have to take a trip to a market or something. I haven't seen things
like that for awhile. Either of those shorts will be fine. Maybe just
send both if you can. That way I can mix and match. Ha. I'm way
excited for conference. It sounds really good. As always. And Kadin,
they do it a week later because of the translation. They translate it,
put it on a DVD and send it to all the wards so we watch it a week
later. It should be good.

Transfers went well. I stayed and my companion went to my first area,
Tae Baek. He wasn't too excited. He's going to be out there for awhile
because he'll be the branch president after his companion transfers. I
found out my recent convert out there hasn't been coming out to church
lately so I told my companion to look him up and tell him to come to
church again. Hopefully he does. My new companion is American. He's
from California. He's one transfer younger than me so he has quite a
lot of experience and drive. It's awesome. We've also been trying out
The Secret and positive thinking. So far it's been pretty successful.
We got some cereal on sale and we bought a dozen 1.5 litter bottles of
juice for 12 bucks from using it. Boo ya. Actually the juice was just
a miracle and tender mercy of the Lord, but the cereal was from The
Secret. Now we just need to use it to find new investigators. But
we're working on that. And for some reason, every day of this transfer
so far we've seen something super random or funny. It's kind of
reminded me that I'm still a normal human being and so are the people
we meet, so it's ok to have moments like that and to just laugh. I
think it's going to be a really good transfer.

Our investigators are doing well. We're still good for those two to
get baptized on the 22nd. We still haven't been able to meet the
part-member family yet but our ward mission leader is going to get us
set up and start teaching them. But everything should still be set.
There's a baptism in our district this weekend, so I get to do another
baptismal interview on Saturday. Those are always exciting. And it's
way cool to meet other investigators and see how excited they are to
be baptized and how happy they are from accepting the gospel. It's the

It's finally beginning to feel like spring. The nights are a little
chilly but the days are usually pretty nice. I haven't worn my big
coat for a couple weeks now and I love it. I also think my area is
going to be super pretty in the spring. There's lots of trees around
the city and there's lots of farms and rice fields around the
outskirts. It's going to be sweet.

Well that's about all I have. I'll keep my eyes out for those good
conference talks. Which probably means I won't be sleeping through it.
Hopefully you guys have a good week. Talk to you later.

Love, Elder Dorius

P.S. My claim to fame 
I just looked at the conference summaries on the church website.
The new presiding bishop came to our mission last transfer. I shook
his hand. Twice. And the new relief society president is the wife of
the old Seoul West Mission president. Just thought I'd let you know

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