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{April 29, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like there's been quite the partying and celebrating going on this week. That's fun. Congrats Danielle on graduation! I liked your graduation pictures. Those are so cool. Maybe someday I'll get to graduate too. Haha. It seems pretty far still for me. Yes Dad I do get grandpa and grandma's emails. They're fun to read. They make me want to serve a senior couples mission. They do really fun stuff. And their few rejections don't sound nearly as bad as our countless rejections. It must be harder to say no to a nice, older couple than to a couple of young kids. Oh and thanks for sending off that package. Hopefully I get it fairly soon.
So this week was pretty good. Last week for P-day, me and my companion and another companionship in our district went to a meat buffet. We spent 2 and a half hours there. It was really good, but I thought I was going to die. I felt kind of bad for the poor owner lady. She had no idea what was coming and I thought we were going to eat all her food. But it worked out. We had a couple pretty good rainstorms this week and ended up finding a new investigator while we were out in the rain looking for less actives. He even lives in our same apartment. He's really smart and thinks about a lot of stuff and asks a lot of good questions. We've only met him a couple times, but he's interesting to teach because I haven't had an investigator quite like him. So that was a pretty cool miracle. On Saturday, we were completely slammed. We were able to meet with three of our investigators, have dinner with one of our members, and do a baptismal interview for our investigator. We literally ran everywhere to get to everything on time. I felt like a real missionary. Except my legs are super sore because I haven't ran for so long. Haha. I forgot what it felt like to have sore legs.
The best part of our week was on Sunday. Once again, we had to run to a couple places to pick up some investigators and take them to church. We had ward conference so we had the stake leaders there and heard really good talks. Then after the meeting, our ward had a buffet style lunch. It was a good spiritual and physical feast. Then after that we had our baptismal service. It was so good. We got asked that morning to do a musical number, but we managed to at least maintain the spirit that was there. When our investigator, Sis. Park, gave her little testimony, she talked about how she had met with the missionaries for a long time (since about last October-ish) and kind of how she didn't really know much about the church, but through reading the Book of Mormon and praying and through the help of the members and missionaries, she was able to gain a solid testimony and be baptized. I don't think it could have been better. There was lots of support, the Spirit was there, and the water was a perfect temperature. Definately a very good day.
We also found out that it was our city's birthday that day. It's 600 years old. We usually go streetboarding with our district at this plaza place in our area, but when we got there, there was this big fesival thing going on. It was sweet. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much streetboarding in, but it was fun to kind of see and celebrate the culture. It was one of those moments where I was really glad to serve in a foreign country, especially one like Korea. I'll send a couple pictures, but when you get my card, you'll be able to watch some videos. So that was cool.
Well that was pretty much our week. It was probably one of the best ones of my mission so I can't complain too much. I figure sore legs are a good indication of hard work. Thanks for praying for our investigators and for the Korean people. It works. So is Mother's Day this coming Sunday? I haven't heard yet. Hopefully I'll find out sooner than later. Whenever it is, probably plan on a phone call that Sunday evening. Or maybe Saturday evening. I'm not sure if we'll call when it's Mother's Day here or there. Hmm...well we'll see. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius


1. Here's us right before the baptism.
2. And with some of our ward.
3. There was this group doing a concert. They were playing traditional Korean instruments and singing traditional songs, but it was in a modern style. Way cool.
4. There were several different groups dressed up and this was one of them with the sisters in our district.
5. Some other costumes.
6. Not the best picture, but you can kind of see some of the other people and costumes.

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