Monday, November 12, 2012

The field is white, already to harvest

{Oct 8, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! That made my day. And it was good to hear from the Jeff and Jen household. I love their family. Especially the twins. Haha that story was super funny. I laughed pretty hard at that. Ok. I was way stoked to hear about the new age for missionaries. I heard from one of the missionaries in our zone who is also the branch president, so while he was doing some branch stuff, he checked out the highlights and told us about it. So crazy! I feel like that is so young, but then in my personal study I read about the two thousand stripling warriors and figured if they could do it then, why not now? But I do agree with President Monson. Think about it and pray about it and talk to your priesthood leaders. Even though the stripling warriors were young, they were exceedingly valient and true at all times. But I think it's going to increase the number of missionaries, especially the sisters. It actually won't affect Korea because they were already sending missionaries out at 18 because of the two year military duty. But the missions will start getting younger. It's going to be interesting. I was thinking about who all was going to be going on missions now.
It sounds like the rest of conferece was good. At least from the parts you guys saw. It's kind of funny how you guys have so many other things going on and can't quite catch all the sessions whereas we've been planning and looking forward to this weekend for weeks. I can't imagine doing anything else and missing conference. I want to hear it all and just absorb all the talks. Especially priesthood session. Elder Holland is always super good. Did Bishop Gary Stevenson speak? I shook his hand. Twice. That's my only claim to fame up there on the stand.
This week has been pretty good. It kind of felt like a trial of faith with potentials not meeting and other investigators falling through. But like always, our hard work paid off, and the beauty of it is that it didn't happen until Sunday night. We talked to more people than we ever have before this week and then Sunday night we picked up a new investigator who also accepted a soft baptismal commitment, and we met a pretty cool family who wants to learn English. The mom and the son said they'll come to general conference on Sunday and want to check out our church. The dad is a pro ping pong player (where's Scatagories when I need it?) and said we can come over to his ping pong practice place (I'm on fire now!) and play anytime. So watch out Kadin and Kylie! It's game on. Then at the 10:25 buzzer shot, our investigator who was baptized last year but not confirmed texted us wondering if we could meet today. Unfortunately we have to go into Seoul today so we couldn't meet, but he's at least back and wants to meet. It was so awesome.
That's so funny that Ty and Logan pray for us all the time. We're actually doing our zone focus on the principle of "praying always" so I've been thinking about that a lot. We got the idea from a talk by Elder Bednar in a conference in 2008. I can't remember which session though. Maybe October? Anyway. It was a good talk. We're going to focus on that principle, planning effectively, and then acting on those prayers and plans with faith. It should be good.
Well that's about all I can think of from this week. It went by pretty fast and I think this week will be even faster due to our meeting in Seoul and conference. But it should be a good spiritual boost. Thanks again for wishing me a happy birthday. 21 doesn't sound too old to me anymore. I've been that old since I stepped off the plane in Korea. And sometimes when we talk to people on the street we ask them how old we look and I got 28 the other day. So I'm good with 21. It's not quite as bad as some of the other birthdays coming up this year. Hehe. Hope you all have a good week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius


1. This was when we found 50 bucks. Woot.

2. Here's the rice fields. I think I've seen about a whole cycle of rice fields now.

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