Saturday, September 8, 2012

Survived the Typhoon

{Sept 3, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well we survived the typhoon. It didn't turn out to be as big as everyone made it sound like it was going to be. One day was super windy and then it rained pretty hard for a little bit. Then it was just rainy another day. But I think our little nook of woods didn't get hit too bad. We were mailing some letters off and saw a little news and down in Taejeon there was some flooding and more damage. Seoul didn't get hit too badly either. Is Brad's companion Brady Berryessa?! That's so crazy! Danielle said something about him having a companion from St. George but I didn't hear anything else about it. I can't believe that. I didn't even know Brady was on a mission. I feel a little out of the loop. But that's super crazy. So you guys are hosting the Japanese kids again? Are you going to host some Koreans again? You should if you can. Don't they come in January-ish? I'd be able to actually meet them this time. Oh yeah I forgot about Labor Day. Sheesh. All I know are the Korean holidays now. Chu Seok is coming up soon. Gotta get ready for that. It's a big one.
This past week has been pretty good. Even though the typhoon wasn't sandbag worthy, it did put a little kink in our missionary work. We had a way sweet miracle the other day. We got a random text from a guy asking about one of the old missionaries that served here. He was saved in our phone in the member group so we thought he was some old less active or something. Then he just asked if we could meet and of course, being the safety precautious and "stranger danger" oriented missionaries that we are, we agreed. We planned to meet him after church so we asked our branch president if he knew who he was and he didn't know, so then we thought it was an investigator. So we finally meet him and as we were talking, we realized exactly who it was. There was an investigator last year who met the missionaries, got baptized, and then suddenly moved to Seoul before getting confirmed, and now he just got back to Gangneung and met us. It's kind of an interesting situation. Our mission president said to just get him confirmed and get him active in the church again. So we pretty much just walked into a confirmation. Which is way better than Free Parking. That might help you game players understand just how cool it is. ;)
Speaking of games. I introduced Pass the Pigs to the youth in our branch. They thought the pigs were...mindblowing. That's a good translation. But one of the young women must have been paying her tithing because the windows of Heaven opened up for her and she destroyed us all in just one turn. So then nobody thought it was fun anymore and we just played Uno. Haha. It was fun though.
We took a ride on the Reading Railroad and went to the other district's district meeting in my old greenie area. That was fun. We recieved a good training on prayer. And now that the month is over, our focus on the Book of Mormon is changing to the Sacrament. The mission is focusing on recieving revelation through church attendance for ourselves and for our investigators. It should be good. And since it's a new month, we're heading into Seoul today to take a walk on the Boardwalk and have our monthly zone leader council. 
Well that's about all the important stuff I can think of. I don't need to bore you with anything else. Have fun playing your games! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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