Monday, July 30, 2012

It's hot and getting hotter!

Hey everyone,
It looks like you guys are having fun in the big city. (The family is back East for a national track meet and some sight-seeing) I'm pretty sure I got all of Dad's pictures. I didn't count how many there were but I'd say 10 is a safe guess. Way to represent white people over there! Haha I thought that was so funny. How did you guys get involved with this anyway? Was it just something you signed up for or was it something you had to qualify for? I've been a little curious about that. I'm pretty sure Kylie can easily out run me now. 1:05 for the 400 is pretty solid. My time would probably be 1 hour and 5 minutes. Or maybe just 5 minutes. My bike has been getting me back in shape. We rode out to the beach this morning for exercise and it was so cool! I'll send some pictures.
Ok this week has been so stinking hot. What's the temperature like in St. George? It's been in the mid 30's all week here and I'm dying. We had a couple appointments last night and we had to book it on our bikes to get to our last one and when we got inside I just couldn't stop sweating. I was literally dripping for about the first ten minutes. This was our first time meeting with these people too so I was a little worried about how they would think of me. But luckily everyone understands how hot it is and they just gave me a towel to dry off with haha. It's pretty nasty though. Once the summer is done my short sleeve shirts are going to be trash.
Yesterday our 18 year old girl investigator came to church. So now her baptismal date is official. She just needs to come to church a couple more times and finish up the lessons and she'll be good to go. She's super solid. She added me as a friend on facebook and so I saw a little bit of my profile thing. That was weird. But yeah we're really excited for her to be baptized. Hopefully it all works out. She'd be a really good example to the youth in our branch. They're kind of punks sometimes. Haha. Typical teenagers.
This week was also the last full week of the transfer. We get our transfer calls tonight. I'm getting anxious again. I'm for sure staying because my companion is getting transfered to America and his new companion is going to be his eternal companion. Haha. So we've spent the last couple weeks eating all the best Korean food before he leaves. It's been good. And we have a couple people who want to take us out to eat today so all of our meals are set. Definately no complaints there.
How have the Olympics been? I saw part of the opening ceremonies and I was having an internal battle. It looked super sweet but I just tried to keep my head down and study some vocab. And then at a resturant someone flipped on the tv to the olympics and it was some of the swimming. Oh my gosh. That was the hardest thing ever. I didn't realize how much I miss watching sports. Especially the Olympics. They're a huge temptation, but I still kind of want to know they're going.
Well that's pretty much been my week. The heat is killing me and the Olympics are killing me. Once we get through both of those life will be better. It's still good though. Oh by chance have you gotten addresses for Mike and Kerry and Dean and Judy? Those are still the only things I need that I can think of. Oh and I had a question for Dad. Can toothpaste expire? I've been using Korean toothpaste for awhile and then I just pulled out my American stuff and it said it expired. I've still been using it. Is there going to be any problems if I keep using it? Old expired American toothpaste is probably still better than Korean toothpaste though. Haha. Anyways. That is all. I think. Have a good rest of your trip and we'll talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius


1. This is one of my favorite meals in Korea. We'll have to come back sometime and have you guys try it.

2. This was last night between our appointments. We caught a pretty good sunset. I don't know if the picture gives it justice though. But you can kind of see the fields where we cut though on our bikes.

3. Here's me and my bike. Kind of. It's at least me and my helmet.

4. This was on our bike ride this morning to the beach. That's part of my area.

5. The beach!

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