Monday, November 12, 2012

Good stuff all around

{Nov. 4, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Sorry I'm a bit early today. We are going into Seoul today and my companion needed to by a new backpack before we left so we got an early start on our P-day. I'll just work on my letter and wait for your responses and add my imput as they come in.
We had a pretty good week. It was our District Conference out here in Gangneung, so all the branches came here and had some really good meetings. Our President and his wife spoke and Elder Yamashita from the area presidency came and spoke as well. Normally, missionaries are only allowed to go to the Sunday sessions of conferences, but our president gave us permission to go to all the meetings. He figured we are a pretty vital part of each of our branches and that it would be good for us to go to all the meetings. And it was. Elder Yamashita spoke in English and had a translator and our president spoke in Korean. It was pretty impressive. They had a huge push on missionary work and going to the rescue. Apparently there are about 1000 members on record in the whole district, but there is definately not that many coming out to church. That's about 200 people per branch. But at that point, it's a ward. So there is a ton of less active work out here. They talked about Elder Nelson's talk and asking the missionaries and giving them some direction on who to visit and try to bring back. It was really good. Our branch had a choir so we got to sing at it too. It was fun. The other fun part was seeing all the members. Since this is my second time around in this zone, I've been to almost every area and have met a lot of the members. My favorite was talking with the Tae Baek members. There was a girl that we re-activated while I was there yesterday and still going strong. It was really good to talk with them again.
We went on exchanges this week. We have a former AP in our zone now and he's in a threesome, so I went with him and one of his companions. It's kind of hard to give training to a former AP. It went something like this:
Me: "Well I read about working with members in PMG and it was really good. So I thought we could talk about that today."
Former AP: expounds doctrine in words so great human hands cannot write them.
Me: "Yep. So that's today's training."
While I was on this exchange I got my package from Danielle. It was the best package ever!! Holy smokes! I can't believe it! The most unbelievable thing though is that no one spilled the beans to me. It took me a couple weeks to get caught up and it was still a surprise. It was a good way to find out. That shirt is my new sleeping shirt.
Our investigators are doing pretty good. Or at least one is. He came to district conference yesterday and liked it. He said he wants to come every week so that's a good sign. We're hoping to get him baptized this month. Our less active work is doing pretty good as well.
Well that was pretty much our week. Thanks for doing a good job on my college stuff Mom. That looks good. I'll try to study a lot of Korean to make sure I do well in that class. Should be fun. Have a good week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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