Monday, November 12, 2012

Crazy week

{Nov. 11, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Those were some good emails. Everyone must have had a pretty eventful week because everyone had quite a bit to write about. It was fun to read. I liked grandpa and grandma's pictures. Those were way funny. There is some awesome fall leaves around here too. It's probably the best I've ever seen anywhere else. We didn't do anything for Halloween this year. It's not very big here and I kind of forgot about it. But Thanksgiving is coming up and to answer Danielle's question about that, yes we will have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A lot of members in the English branch in Seoul sign up for missionaries to have over and they feed them, but because we're so far away from Seoul our mission president and his wife invited our zone over to their house for Thanksgiving as well as a couple other couple missionaries I think. It should be really good. President Henderson is going to be a mission president?! That's so sweet! He'd be an awesome mission president. And Mikelle finally got her call. Is that the same mission that Elder Jordan Weaver is in? That's too bad that he has to come home. Do you know when? Will he be able to go out again? How's the new James Bond movie? Worth seeing?
Well this week, like most of yours, was pretty eventful. We went into Seoul last Monday evening and had our zone leader council Tuesday morning. This month our mission is focusing on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon so we've been trying to use the Book of Mormon more in our work. It should be pretty good. I've always liked the trainings on the Book of Mormon during my mission. I think they've been some of my favorite. Then we had some elders in our zone moving to a new place so we helped them out with that Tuesday night and Wednesday. It was quite a bit of work. But I was kind of fun to really experience a move in Korea. They moved from the 15th floor of one apartment to the 18th floor of another. They have huge electric ladders that have a pretty big plank type thing at the top and they just send that up to the window, people inside put a load of stuff on it, and then they send it down and put everything in a truck and send it up again. It's a little nerve racking to push desks and dressers and such out of a 15 story window and then hope it goes down. But it works.
We also had the pleasure of dealing with some problems in our mission. I guess that's the beauty of being a leader. It wasn't very fun, but I learned a lot about leadership and gained some skills in that department of missionary work. Hopefully. It's probably safe to say that I might use those again sometime in my life, but I don't really hope so. It kind of had an impact on our work this week, but I think it helped other areas with their work and effectiveness.
We realized this week that we need to be more connected with our ward and with the youth. My companion and I were brainstorming ideas of activities we could do with the youth here to build better relationships with them. Any ideas? We're mostly going off our own experiences of young mens and other church activities, but I thought I would ask and try to get some more input. I don't think I realized how important it is to have really good relationships with members until recently. It seems like I'm realizing and learning quite a few things right now that I wish I knew two years ago. It's kind of annoying, but I guess that is life. And that's also why we keep journals.   
We had a baptism yesterday. Surprise! It was a member baptism. A little girl got baptized by her dad. It was good. I also got to do another baptismal interview this week. Those are always good. So fortunately the week ended pretty well. I think we'll be back on track this week and should have a pretty good week. We have an appointment tomorrow with some lady who wants to learn English and she's bringing two friends. That's usually a good start. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully you all have a good week as well! Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius
P.S. Dad, the jaw is doing good. Still a little sore, but a lot better. Oh but I do have another question/concern. My driver's licence expired last month. Is that a problem?

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