Monday, November 12, 2012

Lots of good stuff

{Oct 29, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like you guys had a pretty good weekend. A "Moodyful" weekend. Haha that's funny. Is it really time to start signing up for classes?! I like that list you have going. As for an artsy class I think a music class would be fun. Maybe jazz. That sounds like fun. Or a percussion class would be good too I think. I was thinking about trying to do some percussion ensemble stuff to get some extra curicular stuff going. I don't know how competitive it is or what not but maybe you can look into that. And I kind of like the idea of "intro." I think I'm a bit rusty in everything, so I don't really want to get up there and then bomb all my classes. What exactly is the film class? I kind of want to do some photography sometime, but it's not a super desperate thing. It just sounds fun. But so does the music classes. Dang. There's too much good stuff. Sorry I'm not being very decisive. Music sounds good, either jazz or a percussion class if that is possible. As for Korean, I do want to take some classes. I don't know what level I am, but I kind of feel like I'm a at a pretty average "missionary" level. I guess that's something I can figure out when I get there. And MTC would be sweet. I think the Korean department is a bit hard to get in becuase it's not too big. But once again, I can look into that when I'm there.
Wow that was a lot. Hopefully that helps. So here's a pretty cool "coincidence" that just happened like an hour ago. It's my companion's birthday today and one of our English class member's took us out to lunch. Holy cow it was so good. And then he wanted to go to a coffee shop and talk some more, because that's Korean culture. We figured since it was our P-day and we have some time we would go. Don't worry, we got smoothies. But anyways, As we were getting into the elevator to go up to the shop, one of our new English class members stepped out and we just managed to get a little wave in by the time we passed each other and recognized each other. It was pretty crazy becuase we gave her a Book of Mormon and are going to try to pick her up as an investigator. We must have been supposed to go to that coffee shop at just that time. And then when we were in the actual shop, they had a Lionel Richie song playing. That's when I knew we made the right decision.
Transfers happened this week, but nothing happened here. We're going on our third transfer together. We've reached the level of an "eternal companionship." But it's good. I don't like transfering and I especially didn't want to move for my last transfer. Lately we've been having some pretty good success with less active members. We've been doing a lot of searching and it's not been too bad. Probably the best out of all my areas. Usually a lot of less active members move somewhere else and they pretty much disappear, so it's been good to actually get in with some and meet with them. And a lot of them are part member families, so hopefully we can keep meeting with them and start to teach their family members. We're also working on a little referral program that one of my old companions and I did in my last area, so this week we'll be visiting a lot of the active members as well and get them going on this to help us find more investigators.
As far as investigators go, we've got one guy who is pretty solid. The second time we met him, we reviewed the restoration by watching the restoration DVD (briliant, right?) and then we talked about it for a bit. There was one part of the lesson that had the longest quite session of my life. It was so intense. But I think everything was just settling in for him, and so I asked him if he had any questions and he was like, "How does that baptism thing work?" So we jumped on that like a puma hunting her prey. We pulled out pictures, scriptures, and even showed him the baptismal font. We haven't quite got a date with him yet because of his schedule, but we're kind of planning for the end of next month. If he just comes to church I think it will be set.
We have our district conference coming up this weekend and our branch is doing a special musical number, so we've been practicing for that. It's pretty fun. It should be a good meeting. Our mission president is coming and one of the councilors in the area presidency is coming. And he's Japanesse so he's just going to speak in English and then have a translator. So that will be nice. I'm pretty excited. We also have a big meeting coming up in a couple weeks for the 50th anniversary of the Korea mission. So there's a lot of good stuff to look forward to right now.
Well I think those where the highlights of my week and everything I wanted to share. I took a sweet picture from this cafe we were at and I wanted to send it but I didn't have my cord. I'll have to send it next week. Hopefully you guys have a good week. Maybe Mikelle will get her call this week. We'll see. Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Dorius

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