Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We missed the ark

{Sept. 18, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the pictures. Those were way fun to see. Who the heck are those kids that look like Kadin and Kylie?! And is that Dallin Moody? He's looking big. He must be pumping some iron. Were those my cross country shorts that Kadin was rocking in one of those pictures? How much of my stuff is he wearing now? I feel like my whole life just got taken by my dong saeng. That's little brother. Or sister. And Kerry had her baby?! I was actually thinking about that the other day. I remember when you guys told me she was expecting another one but then I never heard about it again. Well cool. Good job Kerry for getting her here on an even day and for missing the 13th. I can't wait to meet her.
Well this week was pretty good. It was transfer week but we stayed the same here. That wasn't a huge surprise. Elder Stanley got a good shake this round. He got transfered and is training. I talked to him yesterday and he seems to be doing pretty good. We did a lot of less active visiting this week. There were a couple up by a pretty nice beach out here that we tried to visit but one wasn't home and we couldn't find the other. The beach was way cool though. We did have a pretty good miracle with another less active though. It was the last one on our list for that area we were working in and the night was wrapping up, but we hurried and visited him. We knocked on the door and nothing happened, but we could kind of hear something moving inside. So we knocked again and then waited. The door finally opened and there was our less active member! He thought we were something bad outside so that's why he was a little hesitant to open the door. Haha. But he's way sweet. Luckily he had a really good relationship with the missionaries that taught him so he was open and friendly with us. He's even texted us some pictures of Jesus he drew back in the day. So that was cool. We were going to visit him again last night, but there was a typhoon. Which is why I didn't email yesterday. It was pouring buckets yesterday. I have never seen it rain like that in my whole life. It was unreal. And it was super windy. We were right in the middle of the typhoon this time so it was a lot worse than the one before.  Our president even called us the night before to warn us. He said it was expected to rain about a foot in 24 hours and we heard there were 90 mph winds. We managed enough courage to go out and grab some groceries, and by the time we accomplished our mere 10 minute walk to the store, our shoes and pants were soaked. So to avoid the danger of being blown away or drowning, we got permission to email this morning.
We are heading in to Seoul today again. We have our temple session tonight and then tomorrow we have a special conference with the area president, President Ringwood. It's going to be good. The last one was amazing. So we're pretty excited for that. There was a missionary in our branch who just returned home from Busan and we had dinner with him and our branch president's family. The members were just ranting and raving about how great he had become. It was kind of funny, but pretty cool. We were pretty excited because we thought we just got a solid member to teach with whenever, but he left to go to school yesterday. Lame. But it was kind of fun to hear about how they do things down in Busan and got some good ideas for our missionary work.
That's about all the excitement I can think of. It doesn't quite sound as eventful as having Japanese kids for 10 days, but it was still pretty good. Hopefully you can have a little more time for relaxation this week. Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius


1. Here's the beach I was talking about

 2. This was me and my companion last night. We had to send in some pictures for a slideshow

3. Here's an Asian picture I took. Haha. Slightly rediculous.

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