Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bop Mugu

{Feb. 26, 2012}

So the moving has begun huh? That's pretty exciting. Even Grandma
Skalla is moving. That's way intense. Sounds like everyone is having
quite a few changes in their lives. I didn't know Mike and Kerry were
planning on having another baby. Is this their 5th? They must be too
cool for the traditional Dorius 4. It sounds like SUPAF went well. I
bet that was fun. I always liked SUPAF. That's funny that your Korean
girls taught you that phrase. Except it's pan mal, which is the lowest
form of speaking so only say it to your friends or little kids. Since
you speak Korean to them so much. Haha. I'm bummed my letter didn't
come in time. But whatever. They probably would've just laughed at my
attempt to write in Korean. So that's ok. I'm sure you guys will be
more impressed. Haha.

Well this week has been pretty good. Last week our P-day activity was
pretty cool. We learned how to find our aura and stuff like that.
There were a couple times where I was trying so hard not to bust out
laughing because everyone is doing these random arm motions and trying
to find their aura and they're way into it, but it just looked way
funny. It was a fun activity. I'll send a couple pictures. We kind of
picked up a new investigator. She's kind of an older woman and was a
former investigator so we gave her a call and she said she wanted to
meet, then when we met she said she doesn't have time until July but
we can stop by her work and say hi and maybe give a quick message. So
yeah. She's probably not the most prepared, but that's ok. Maybe in
July. Speaking of July. We'll be getting a new mission president then.
President Lee is about done. We found out who the new one is going to
be. His name in Brent Christensen. I guess he's a surgeon in Salt
Lake. Something like that. I don't know anything else about him. So
that was kind of big news. It will be interesting having a new
president, especially an American, and see what kind of things will
change. I'm kind of excited.

Oh I have a random question for Dad. We were at a member's house for
dinner and we were talking and they were asking about my family and
they asked what my dad's calling was. It was kind of random and I
couldn't remember so I thought I'd ask. I told them you play the organ
sometimes for sacrament meeting and they thought that was awesome.
Then they said to me, "oh you must be good at the piano then." And I
just kind of laughed and was surprised that they would think of that
connection. Then they said, "you should play for us," and you know me
and how I just love playing for people at their homes, so I wasn't too
stoked and kind of wanted to get out of it, but then they said, "we
have a grand piano!" Yep. That changed my mind. Their daughter in law
is a piano major. So to say the least, their piano was pretty legit.

Ok. Here's my faith promoting story for the week. On Sunday, my
companion and I both woke up and weren't feeling too well, but we
still went on with the day. But as church went on, I started feeling
worse. Our ward made lunch after church and I could only nibble at it
because my stomach wasn't too happy. I wasn't sure if I would be able
to do much that day, but we had plans and really needed to work, so I
said a little prayer asking for help to get through the day. Well
about 10 minutes later I threw up. I think Dana Moody would be proud
of me because I'm getting really good at throwing up. It was pretty
clean and easy and afterwards I felt great. So there you go. Heavenly
Father really does answer prayers. Just try to be a little more
specific than me.

Well I think that's about it. I can't think of anything else that's
too exciting. I'm still doing good. Still doing missionary work.
Hopefully you guys have a good week. Talk to you later.

Love, Elder Dorius

Ok here's some pictures. 

The first few are from last week at our p-day activity and then the
next one is outside of some palace type thing. I'm not exactly sure
what it is or what it's for, but it looks cool. Then the last one is
me this morning. It's my new transfer board picture. Just in case you
wanted to see it. There you go.

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