Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Traditional Korean Dinner

{Jan. 29, 2012}

Hey everyone,

You guys are taking your Korean girls to a Dorius Super Bowl party? Oh
gosh. I hope they like it. They don't have football in Korea so I'm
kind of interested in how they'll like it. And just being around crazy
people screaming at a TV could weird them out a bit. Don't give us
Americans a bad rep. Haha. I'm glad you guys celebrated the new year
with them. I'm kind of bummed I missed it. You guys should do this
again next year so I'll be around for all of it. I'm excited to get
their letters. Hopefully I'll be able to read them. How long are they
staying with you guys? I should try to write them back if I have time.
Thanks for the little taste of the Best of EFY. Brad Wilcox is the
man. That sounded like a good talk.

Well this week was ok. I'm glad to have the holidays over with. It's
hard to do missionary work. Especially since my companion wanted to
enjoy it a little more than I did. Things were a little slow, but we
still tried to get stuff done. My district is doing awesome. One area
has an investigator with a baptismal date for next month, and another
companionship has been going to town. They're having tons of miracles.
They want to have four baptismal dates by the end of this week. So
that's exciting. We did have a pretty good miracle yesterday. Two less
actives that we wanted to visit this week came to church and one of
them also brought his non-member wife. They seem really nice and said
they'll come to church again next week. So now the ball is in our
court and we just have to run with it.

Last night we had a dinner appointment with one of our members, and it
was probably one of my favorites throughout my whole mission. I wish I
took a picture of it because the imagery was awesome and I've lost too
much English to give it any justice. But I'll try. So we're sitting on
the floor of a very humble, but cozy room, warming ourselves up from
just being out in the freezing cold, and the dad sets up a beautiful,
traditional Korean table. It's a nice dark maroonish color with shiny
stones imprinted on it forming cool birds and other designs. They pull
out the chopsticks and little bowls while the food is finishing up and
it just smells awesome. The mom comes in and sets a frying pan right
in the middle of the table. And it's full of spaghetti. Oh man. I
could've died and gone to Heaven. It was overflowing with meat and
sauces and it was just sitting there begging to be eaten. So we dish
it all up and then clear off the pan to make room for the next part of
the meal. The son walks in and sets down two huge boxes of pizza on
the table. That's when I knew Heavenly Father really does love His
children. Especially His missionaries. Haha. I haven't had too much
American food being with my Korean companion. We've had lots of rice
and kim chi so the sight of spaghetti and pizza was so nice. The mom
asked me what my favorite food was and I managed to say "pizza and
spaghetti" between chews. Then she said she must have received some
type of revelation to know to have that for dinner. It was funny. And
so delicious.

Other than that, I don't have too much more to report on. Still no
snow. I'm kind of surprised but I'm not complaining. Compared to last
year, I think it's been quite nice. Granted I was banished out in the
mountains and coldest place in Korea last year, so it is a little hard
to compare I guess. We just got an email from the mission telling us
to be careful of frostbite, though. Maybe winter is just beginning.
We'll see. Well talk to you later. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Dorius

Ok here's something funny I discovered. I was going through February's
Liahona when I saw this pictured and realized something was familiar
about it. I looked down and realized the kid in the picture was
wearing the same tie I was wearing that day! My companion about died
when I showed it to him. It was pretty funny.

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