Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nothing Too New

{Jan 15, 2012}

Hey eveyone,
Well I haven't gotten any emails from you guys yet so I don't have anything to respond to. Hopefully you guys are still alive. You're probably just too busy with your Korean girls again. One thing I do need to tell you though is that I will email on Wednesday next week because of the Chinese New Year. Just so you know. And speaking of, you need to do something way fun with your Korean girls. This is like the biggest holiday in Korea and they're missing it. The actual holiday day is on the 23rd. How convient. You can do something for Kadin and Kylie's birthday too. But make sure that whatever you do for Chinese New Year is way better than whatever you do for their birthday. It's more special. Mwahaha!
Well this week hasn't been too bad. I have still yet to meet any of our investigators, so that's kind of lame. One girl lives far away but she goes to school here, but right now it's winter break so once school starts we might be able to see her more. She almost came to our ward yesterday but ended up not. Lame. But she is going to church in the ward closer to her home. So the lack of teaching investigators was a little disappointing. We went streetboarding in our area as a district one day and, because my district is so awesome, we found some pretty good potential investigators. Or I should say everyone else found some pretty good potential investigators for us. Haha. I'm not the leader here, they're all leading me. One guy we're meeting tonight for sure and maybe another guy tonight. So we'll hopefully pick up some new investigators this next week.
Oh I just got Dad's email. Good stuff. Who spoke in Stake Priesthood meeting. Who was over for dinner. And birthdays. Those things are good to know. My companion is doing good. He's pretty funny. He's pretty good at English but some of the things he says are just funny. I need to write down some of the things he says and tell them to you. We get along well.
Ok now I just got Mom's email. Also good stuff. Science fairs. Lovely. Umm...but didn't I already do Kylie's project only with eggs? It was a good project. I went to state with that thing. Hopefully they don't remember haha. That would kind of ruin the point of doing it. But good luck. And Kadin is the shortest in the family! Haha! Sucka! On the deoderant, maybe send 4. Whatever is left I can bring home. The ward is way good. Everyone we have visited has given us food. We have so much stuff in our fridge. We have little tangerines coming out our ears. But it's good. We don't mind.
Unfortunately there's not too much more to report on. Hopefully next week will be more eventful. Thanks for emailing me. Have a happy Chinese New Year! Talk to you next week. Wednesday for me. Tuesday nightish for you. Have a good week!
Love, Elder Dorius

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