Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All things done in order

{Feb. 12, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Dang it. I miss St. George weather. Ugh. It's pretty cold here but no snow still. And I think it might be warming up a bit. Phil or whatever his name is must not have seen his shadow. Or at least he didn't in St. George. I have high hopes for a quick spring though. Ok so just as a heads up, we have a busy day today and so we don't have much time to email so I'm going to be quick. Some people are getting together in Seoul to play soccer for P-day so we decided to make the trip in. Maybe someday I'll live in Seoul and won't have to deal with traveling. Sigh. But I outlined what I wanted to say this morning so I wouldn't forget anything. Here we go.
So first I have a couple questions. One, when are your Korean girls going home? I got their letters and kind of wanted to write them back if I had time. They were all very nice. It sounded like they had a good time. It was actually almost easier to read their notes than Dad's note. That's when I really had to use the gift of tongues. I showed it to my companion and he said it wasn't English. Haha. Sorry Dad. My second question is how is Mitt Romney doing? The members here are pretty excited about it and it sounds like he's doing pretty well. Whenever they talk about it though they use words I don't understand and everything just goes over my head. So I don't know much of how the politics are doing but everyone at least hope he wins.  
Ok now for my week. It was good. The baptismal interview last week went great. Their investigator is awesome. He got baptized on Friday and then confimmed on Sunday. It was good. On Wednesday we had the Area President come visit our mission and had a conference. It was sweet. He's also coming to our stake conference this weekend to do some business so I will get to see him again probably. We get our transfer calls tonight and transfer day is Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I'm staying but we'll see. My companion thinks he's gone and I will train. I have no idea what will happen.  Anyway. I also conducted my first exchange as a leader. That was fun. The missionary I was with is great and we had a good time. He even said he learned a lot of stuff so that was nice to hear. We picked up a new investigator this week. She's kind of a middle aged women who is interested in learning English. She doesn't have much gospel interest, if any, right now so we'll have to see what happens. But she wants to bring her son next time and told us to focus more on him. Maybe he's the prepared investigator. We'll see. He just got out of the military and a lot of people change from that. Either way I'm just happy we have some more people to teach. We had a dinner appointment with some members last night and I had a "dang it I miss my family" moment. They asked me about my family and I told them how many brothers and sisters I have and such and then they looked around and said "hey that's just like us!" They have two boys and two girls. It was cute. Yep. I said it. Live it up. Anyway it was kind fun to watch them play and interact with each other and think about our family doing the same thing.
Ok now for my funny companion story of the week. Last night as we were going to sleep, he says, "I found your song," and on his mp3 player he starts playing a song. It's talking about baby Jesus being born and stuff so I thought he was calling me a baby or something and then the chorus goes "Glorious Jesus!" and my companion says "Right there! That's you!" and starts singing along, but he's saying "Dorius" instead of "Glorious." It was super funny. Then I told him what they were really saying and he said "Dang it! I'm so suck at English." It was great. Then he just kept listening to it as we fell asleep and just kept on singing "Dorius!" right along with it. I figure that's an acceptable English misunderstanding. Haha.
Well I think that's about it. That was intense. Maybe I should outline all my emails. But I better go. I still need to email my president and we only have a few minutes left. I'll give you the update on transfers next week. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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