Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy President's Day?

{Feb. 19, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Happy Presidents Day! Whatever that is. My companion asked what it was and I didn't really know how to explain it. Haha. But anyways. Hopefully it's a good one. It sounds like Kadin is pretty sick. He coughed all over me via email. Now I'll probably get sick. Thanks a lot. I mailed off a letter to your Korean students. Hopefully they get it before they leave. It's not super long. I just worked on it during language study and then sent it off. Danielle and Jesse sound super busy with their moving project. I can't believe they're leaving already. That's weird. Good luck with your 20 hour drive. Haha that will be memorable. In some way. Haha. That's nice that people still remember me. As for musical performances go, I haven't done much. Did I tell you I suddenly got to play the piano for a sister at our mission tour? I helped her warm up that morning and then ended up performing it. That was exciting. Maybe I'll get asked to do something at another conference. We'll see.
Well this week has been good. We survived transfers. My companion and I stayed so nothing new really happened. Except our district got changed. One of the areas got moved into the other district in our zone and one of the elders there became the district leader. I don't know why it happened but we were kind of bent out of shape about that. My Costco is in that area and now I have to get permission to go to it. Lame!! So that was the biggest change. There's a greenie in our district now. He's pretty funny. It's fun to see that greenie fire again. We had Stake Conference yesterday and President Stevenson from the Area Presidency came so we got to hear him speak again. That was cool. We heard that our stake and another stake were going to be combined so I thought that was going down because there were quite a few important people there, but nothing happened. It was a little anti-climatic if you ask me. But it was still good. Pres. Stevenson talked about sharing your testimony more because that really invites the Spirit and then it can take over and just go to town. Well he didn't exactly say it like that but you get the idea.
Unfortunately I don't have anything new to report on about our investigators. It's been a little slow and because of Stake Conference, our two main focused investigators couldn't come to church. It was too far for them. We've been working on some message cards for our members so this week we will do lots of visiting and have a busier week. I have been going through old records of investigators and haven't been finding too much potential from those. We'll probably keep our main focus on the members and part-member/less active families. I think that's going to be our best bet for finding in this area.
Well I think that's about it. We're doing a zone activity for p-day today. Our zone leaders have an investigator who teaches martial arts and such and we're going to learn how to meditate from him. I'm actually really excited. My companion and I are even matching for it. We bought super comfy companionship pants this week and are testing them out today. Haha. It's funny. Well talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius

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