Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Angels Round About

{Feb. 5, 2012}

Hey everyone,
Ah the Superbowl. It's just another excuse to throw a party. Did you guys do this many fun things while I was still around and I just didn't realize it? Or have you just turned a new leaf once I left and decided to do lots of cool, fun things? I'm slightly jealous. But whatever. That's cool. I guess... How did your Korean girls like Temple Square? Did they like Music and the Spoken Word? That was one of my favorite things at the MTC. We were always way stoked for Sundays because it meant we got to watch Music and the Spoken Word. Thanks for sending off that package. It will be recieved well. We have transfers next week so maybe I'll get it then.
Well this week has been pretty good. My companion and I both got sick. My companion was sick on Tuesday and was pretty much down and out the whole day. Then I got a cold, so I was healthy enough to still do stuff, but sick enough to be miserable. Colds are really good at optimizing like that. But I'm feeling better now. Because we were both sick I thought we weren't going to have a very good week, but we actually had one of the best weeks of the transfer. I think it was because of the angels round about us bearing us up. I would have a horrible night's sleep and just feel dead in the morning, but when we went out, I felt more energized and was able to get stuff done. And there have been a couple times where I've slipped on some ice and probably should have ended up on the ground, but somehow stayed up. We met with that part-member family that came to church last week and picked up the wife as an investigator. They're super nice. I really like them and we think she has good potential to be baptized. One of our other investigators came to church yesterday too. That was actually the first time I had met her. She's been gone a lot because of the holidays, but she came to church and we were able to teach her and answer some of her questions about the church. I've been pretty busy in the kitchen lately, too. I've been making banana bread for all of our members' birthdays. There were three of them this week. So we were out and about quite a bit visiting members. They really like that banana bread reciepe you gave me. That was a good choice. So thanks for that.
Are you ready to hear one of the best highlights of this week? Buckle up. We went to Costco! It was amazing. I have bagels and cream cheese and my companion and I went in on a cheese cake together. Holy smokes. It's awesome. I might get a membership card because it's only like a 10 minute bus ride from our area. I don't know why I didn't take advatage of this a month ago. That place is heavenly.
I went on exchanges with my zone leader this week. I went to his area, which is called Shin Chon. The temple is there. So if you look up the temple on Google earth, you can check out where I spent a day. It's a lot more exciting than my area. That's for sure. And I got super lucky. We met a potential investigator who wanted to take us out to dinner. He took us to a pretty nice meat place and had the most delicious meat I've had in my whole mission. It was awesome. I wish he was my investigator.
So that was our week in a nutshell. I get to do a baptismal interview tonight for some missionaries in my district. That should be fun. Hopefully. My biggest fear is he says he's committed a serious crime and is on probation. But I learned those words so I should be good. And he's an innocent student so I'm not too worried about that. It will be good. Well I'll talk to you later. Enjoy the Superbowl. I'm cheering for the underdog. Woot.
Love, Elder Dorius

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