Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas again!

Hey everyone,
Merry Christmas again! I guess it's Christmas Day for you now so it's still allowed to say it. It's pretty much done and gone away here. Sad. But it was a good year. It's always interesting to spend holidays in a foreign contry. Ok who sent my recorder?! I was so surprised to see that haha. You guys did well with all the gifts this year. Thank you very much. I'm really excited to play Pass the Pigs. That was a nice little surprise too. I'm glad you guys like the socks. We got some from our ward too but their not nearly as cool as those ones. Just plain dress socks. I just sent off some pictures so hopefully you get those. As you can see, my companions and I had some fun with the Santa suit before we had to put it away. Haha. It was really funny and I think my ward loved it.
Well there's not much new to report on here. Our zone went caroling last night in the bitter cold outside a huge department store. That was fun. People probably thought we were just a bunch of crazy white people for standing out in the cold and singing in Korean. But that's nothing new. Oh I got my visa extended today. Yay! I can stay in Korea for another year. Those are pretty much the only things that have happened since I last talked to you. Hopefully you like the pictures because those will make up for the lack of words in my email. My memory card is about full again because I took quite a few videos from the Christmas conference. I'll just send all those at once on my card instead of trying to put them on an email.
So yeah. I think that's it. Hopefully you guys had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Oh I did find one thing I need. Some deoderant. Is that how you spell it? If not just sound it out. I would appreciate some from America because there isn't really any here. Sorry I didn't catch that sooner and you could've thrown it in your Christmas package. But if you could do that I would greatly appreciate it. Ok. Now I think I'm done. Happy Holidays! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius
1. Here's Elder Stanley and I at the Christmas conference.

 My uke.

 The first official legit snowfall of the year.
 Here is Santa getting chased down by the missionaries.

 And then getting taught my the missionaries.

6. And then proclaiming the Book of Mormon is true. Ha.


Sooo...for you that haven't noticed the resemblance...Elder Dorius was Santa for the ward Christmas party.  The fact that Elder Dorius was chosen to be the Santa Clause was so funny to us.  We just didn't really think he had the build for it.  It sounded like he had a great time...but a lot of the little kids were scared of him.
 Santa going down the "chimney"

2. Getting ready to hand out gifts

 The ward

 And here's a picture with all my gifts. I didn't end up opening them until that night when we got home. Haha. But it was really nice. Thank you to everyone who sent something! 

That was me when I was sick. Bleh.

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