Monday, December 5, 2011

O Babylon, O Babylon‏

Hey everyone,
Wow. You guys would ditch out on going to the temple with your friends to go see Phantom of the Opera. I'm not even surprised considering all the "good times" you've had since I've been gone. Well here's a cheery little tune for you guys: "O Babylon, O Babylon, we bid thee farewell. We're going to the mountain of Ephraim to dwell."
But really. I'm super jealous. One of my companions loves musicals and everyday we sing songs from Phantom and Les Mis and Wicked. I would have much rather heard all about the nice warm weather of St. George. I think I would've been less jealous of that. It suddenly got really cold here. We all had to pull out our sweaters last night and I'm wishing I put mine on again today. We've had awesome weather lately and the fall has been beautiful so I'm mad that winter had to come so suddenly. That's fun you guys got to hang out with Eva. Did you learn any more Korean? Haha. I had some time this week to sit down with some of the piano music you guys sent me. Holy cow. It's awesome. I had forgotten how fun it was to just sit down and play some new music. I wish I had more free time to do that. The other missionary that likes musicals is really good at the piano too and had some music he's picked up here so we made some copies for each other. It was way fun. I've also learned a few new card games since being in a four man house. To say the least, we have had some fun. Most of us have pretty similar interests so we all get along together well and like doing things together. It's been pretty good.
This week hasn't been too bad. Our investigator family wasn't able to meet this week. We usually meet them on the weekends but it was their anniversary on Saturday and they had something else going on Sunday. So that was a bummer. We've been planning on inviting them to be baptized too so I really wanted to meet them and try to get them committed to being baptized. We've been doing quite a bit of advertising for our English class and actually had a couple new people come out. They don't seem to have tons of gospel interest right now but it's at least a couple new faces. We had zone conference this week. That was good. As usual. Every zone conference they celebrate all the missionaries' birthdays since the last conference. That was me. And 44 other people. It's always good to know you're just another drop in the bucket. But our president's wife made a little cake for all the missionaries who had a birthday, so that was nice. We've still been searching out for less actives. That's a pretty popular activity since we're a little low in the teaching pool. Luckily our bishop has been giving us some people to focus on and help. In fact just last night he called us and asked us to visit a sister in the hospital who had asked for a blessing. The bishop was out of town so he told us to visit this morning and give her a blessing. It was a good experience. It's super tough to give blessings in Korean but it seemed like that was what she needed. So even though we're not raking in the baptisms, I feel like we're still fulfilling our purpose by helping our members and less actives follow Jesus Christ.
Oh and Danielle was so kind to remind me of my one year mark. Thanks! It's pretty exciting. Our group is getting together next week to have a party. Pretty soon I'll be on the downhill. It's hard to think about that. So maybe I'll try not to for now. Well I think that's all I have. Between this and our other back and forth conversation I think I'm good. Oh wait. I just remembered one other thing. How did Snow Canyon's volleyball team do this year? Did you guys follow that at all? I was kind of curious to hear how they did. Ok. That should be it. I'll talk to you guys next week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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