Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas‏

Hey everyone,
Well it sounds like everyone has had a good week. Lots of singing and caroling and Christmas preparations. That's always fun. One thing I learned was that shops and places around here play Christmas music too! I thought that was only an American thing but I guess not. So it's been kind of fun to hear some Christmas music while we're out and about. However, some of the songs have been "Koreanorized" but it's still fun. Here's the deal with calling home. We can't use skype. Only calling. But we can call from here either on Sunday the 25th (Saturday for you) or Monday the 26th (Sunday for you). It will most likely be in the evening time for you guys. What works best for you? I'm good with whatever but we're kind of thinking about calling on Sunday just after chuch, which would most likely be around 8ish for you guys I think. Something like that. Also what number should I call? If you guys want to talk about it and decide just let me know.
Here's some other fun news. On the 22nd, we have a mission Christmas conference and there's a big talent show and skits and stuff like that and Elder Stanley and I are going to play Pachelbel Meets U2. We're actually going to meet up today in Seoul to practice so I don't have tons of time to write becuase it takes both of us a little while to get there. But anyway, we borrowed a way nice cello from one of our members and I have to carefully pack it into Seoul (no pressure) and we're going to have a little jam session. I'm excited. Just like the good ole days.
Thanks for praying for our investigators. We're going to try to give Richard a baptismal date this week. Possibly tonight. Or Wednesday. Depending on how the lesson goes and the Spirit and all that jazz. He almost came to church yesterday. He was planning on it and then all of a sudden got tired or something and fell asleep. Slightly frustrating. I'm sure Heavenly Father knows just as well as anyone how frustrating it is when people don't do what they're suppose to or what He knows is best. So hopefully if he has this desire and commitment to get baptized, that will help him put forth the little extra effort to do the right things and keep the commandments. We weren't able to meet our family this week because of some training we didn't know about so nothing new there. But hopefully they're praying about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.
We've been getting fed like kings this week. For some reason, a lot of our members wanted to feed us this last week. I think between Wednesday and Sunday we didn't have to cook or pay for a single meal. It was awesome! And I just like getting to know the members a little more and building good relationships. Doesn't get much better than that. So that was pretty much our week. Can't complain too much. It's snowed a couple times this week but not enough to stick. It's still pretty cold but my six layers do well for me. And I bought some cool Power Rangers hand warmers. They help fight off the cold.
Well hopefully you have a good week. I'm glad you finally got my package. I was a little worried I accidently sent it by boat. I have a Christmas package pretty much ready to go. I just need to ship it off. Don't forget about calling. I need to know what time you want me to call and what number to call. I can take care of the rest. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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