Monday, December 5, 2011

Small and simple things‏

Hey everyone,
It sounds like you all had a really good weekend. Good weather and good food all around, on top of soccer games all weekend. Can't get much better than that. And you  had a homecoming. That's exciting. I bet Sister Bishop was pretty happy. That's not good that mom isn't feeling well. She needs to eat more kim chi. I'm pretty sure that kills any germs that are creeping around your body because I haven't really been too sick the whole time I've been here. Knock on wood. But it's kim jang right now, which is the time everyone prepares kim chi, so some of our members just gave us a bunch of kim chi in the past couple days. We should be good for awhile. I actually haven't tried calling the bank yet. I need to make some time for that. I've used my credit card a couple times so I'm not completely helpless. I'll try to make some time for that this week and I'll look into my debit card. 
This last week was really good. We had transfers on Wednesday. I always think I have those figured out but President gets me every time. My greenie and I stayed together but we went back to being a three man area. The other two missionaries that were with us left and a missionary from my MTC district came in with us. So it's been pretty fun so far. I don't know if we'll stay a threesome very long or if we'll get emergency transfered or what. But that's what's going on here now. This is my 4th transfer in Man Su so it's starting to turn into a long time. All the places that I remember being green and "summery" are all dead and getting ready for winter. But it's ok. I like this area. I'm not complaining.
We also celebrated Thanksgiving this week. Because of all the army bases and other American families, all the missionaries get are assigned to a family that signs up to have us over and feed us. It's probably through the church because I'm pretty sure they're all members. So that was really fun. It felt like I was in America. I've learned that I'm grateful for three things: mashed potatoes, carpet, and being able to understand every word little kids say. Those were probably my favorite things from Thanksgiving this year. It was a good experience. I'm actually kind of glad I'll have another one in Korea. 
So here's another cool experience we had this week. One of our investigators, his English name is Richard, drinks coffee everyday. He said 5 cups a day. Well one day while we were meeting with him, he was saying how tired he was and that he needed coffee. So we explained to him that coffee is bad and showed him how it was almost controlling him. We told him to cut back to just one cup a day, and because he thinks we're the greatest thing to walk the streets of Korea, he said he'd do it. The next day he texted us and said that he only drank 2 cups that day and that he was still feeling fresh. He said he can feel power when he talks with us. Even on the phone. Haha. He's really funny. But he understands that his desires effect his actions and that if he has strong enough desires, he can do anything. It's really cool. He really wants to go to BYU so we talked about the tuition and being a member and all that and he seemed really interested. So I think we can get him baptized by the end of this year. That's kind of our goal. We'll see. I'm pretty excited about it though.  
Well that was pretty much our week. We're actually getting haircuts right now and it looks like my companion is about done, so I better go. Oh but I was talking to Elder Stanley a little while ago and he wants to do a musical number for our Christmas conference. By chance do we have any good Christmas music laying around? Either piano and cello or piano and vocals. Elder Stanley is good with whatever he said and I'll probably just stick with piano. So if you find anything please send it. Maybe by email. The sooner we get it the better. If not we'll just have to be creative. Anyway. That's my only request. Hopefully you have a good rest of your Sunday night and a good week. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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