Monday, December 5, 2011

Six layers and still cold!‏

Hey everyone,
So grandpa and grandma are going to Kentucky?! That's exciting. I don't know anything about Kentucky but that should be fun. And that's cool Jill Christensen is going on a mission, but a little strange she's going to Temple Square. I didn't know they sent people from Utah there. But sweet! By the way, in the latest General Conference Ensign, there's a picture of a couple sister missionaries at Temple Square and one is Korean. Win! Man everyone is going on missions. Have you heard of any other calls recently? Or any wedding announcements? Those seem to be pretty popular things but they've kind of slowed down lately.
What's the weather like in Utah right now? Because it suddenly got way cold here. We went out contacting last night and I literally wore six layers of clothes and was still freezing. We tried walking around to find good places but it seemed like the wind would just follow us everywhere we went. Good ole Siberian winds. I think it even made my brain cold because I kind of had a weird headache when we were on the bus ride home. It wasn't very fun. But whatever. That's just how it is sometimes.
This week has been pretty good. We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was a satilite broadcast from Salt Lake. So we heard from Julie Beck, Elder Perry, and President Monson. It was good. And they played a video they made at the MTC to show Koreans what goes on there and kind of what it's about. They interviewed a girl that was in my last area so it was cool to see her and to see some of the Korean districts. Our family is doing pretty good. We're still trying to get them to church. That's kind of our main focus right now. We've taught them quite a few things so instead of just keep teaching lessons, we decided to step back a bit, and let them talk so we could answer any questions they had and help resolve their concerns. It was pretty cool. We figured out that they had some questions about going to church with their kids. So we talked about primary and all the little classes and I think it made them feel a little better. The mom even said it sounds fun. So I felt like it was a good lesson, but they're still not quite committed to coming. We'll see. We pray for them a lot.  Our English class is starting to really take off. We had 10 people, including a couple members, come and we were able to divide it into three seperate groups according to the people's language abilities and interests. It was awesome. This is the best it's been for as long as I have been here. So that's really exciting. Some of the people even said they're going to bring a friend next time. Hopefully that will bring in a few more investigators.
That's pretty much the extent of this week. Transfer calls are tonight, but I already know I'll be staying with my companion. We're on this 12-week program thing for new missionaries and traniers so we'll have at least one more together. So that's not too exciting for me. We could have some changes in our house though so it's still a little exciting. I'll let you know what happens. Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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