Monday, July 23, 2012

Crazy Week

Hey everyone,
Sorry I'm a little late. We had some issues at our regular email place. The internet was down and we didn't know where else we could email. But we ran a few errands and then we found one. So all is well. Oh geez. Can Kadin not just stay in one piece? Haha I can't believe he broke his arm. He said it's not too bad though. Is it casted? Has his boating trips come to an end? That would be unfortunate. Sounds like you guys had a perfect day on the lake. Ah that made me so jealous. So does your Maryland trip. Hopefully you guys keep doing fun stuff when I get home. We might have some problems otherwise.
Well this week has been pretty crazy. I didn't work in my own area with my own companion until Friday. Monday night we had interviews with President so we left that afternoon to get there in time. We started at six and didn't get done until 10 at night and I was the last one to interview. Everyone else had about 15 or 20 minutes, but because it was so late my interview went a little something like this:
"How do you think the zone is doing?"
"Pretty good."
"Do you have any questions or problems?"
"Ok well let's get your temple recommend done."
Boom done. Except he didn't have any of the current recommends left so I couldn't even get my temple recommend. So that was a pretty productive interview if I've ever had one. Then that night we slept in the temple dorms again. Way cool. That might be our new summer home when we go into Seoul to go to the temple and stuff. Then Tuesday was our P-day and we were able to spend it in Seoul. My companion and I both got suits. It's so legit. And we somehow talked the lady down for them. We mostly just talked about what we do and stuff and she felt bad for us or something and cut us a deal. Haha. The blessings of missionary work. That night our district traveled back with us and just spent the night at our place because we had district meeting Wednesday morning in our area. And then right after that I went on exchanges and worked in an area called Dong Hae. Then we met up again on Thursday morning and went on exchanges with another companionship. This time I worked in my area with another missionary. Then finally on Friday morning we met up again and my companion and I started working in our area. So there was a lot of traveling and a lot of exchanging this week.
Our investigators are doing pretty good. Our 18 year old girl accepted a baptismal date! She's way solid. She reads everything we give her and she prays. When we were talking about baptism we asked her how she thought about it and she said "when can I get baptize?" It was the best. The only thing is that she hasn't come to church yet so it doesn't officially count, but we also talked about the sabbath day and she couldn't come to church yesterday, but she said she'll try in the future. So we're pretty excited about that. Two other really good investigators came to church yesterday, but they had to leave right before sacrament meeting. We're not sure if they had the best experience at church so hopefully they'll come again. We're meeting them this weekend so we'll have a chance to talk about it. We had another neat experience yesterday. There was a guy from Switzerland traveling around Korea and he was staying with one of our members and they started talking about the church and he had quite a few questions so our member invited him to church and to talk with us. We talked for quite awhile and he had some pretty good questions. I'm really glad it was all in English becuase I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to follow all the things we talked about if it were in Korean. We gave him an English Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it and look up the missionaries when he gets home.
Speaking of Switzerland. I heard Roger Federer won Wimbledon. That's what's up. I knew he still had it in him. Apparently our branch president's wife really likes watching tennis so we had a good talk about it.
Anyway. Getting back to important stuff. Like the weather. It's stinking hot today. We've been riding our bikes around doing our errands and I'm just dripping in sweat. It's nasty. Hot, sticky summers aren't the greatest, but we've been pretty fortunatewith the rain. Last year it was pouring all the time and so far it's only rained hard a few days. We might have had a mild rainy season this year.
Well that was pretty much our week. A lot happened, but at the same time there's not too much to report on. This is the edited version. Oh my companion called the fire brigade this morning trying to get the phone number for the hospital that one of our members is at. That kind of explained why they were so anxious to help us. Haha. Things like that just make being a foreigner the best. Anyway that's about all I have. The only thing I ask for is addresses for Mike and Kerry and Dean and Judy. I feel really bad for not writing them at all so far and they've been helping out so much with my mission. So I'd be really glad if you could get those to me. Other than that I think I'm good. Hopefully you guys have a good time in Maryland. Good luck Kylie with your track meet! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius


1. I forgot to tell you about the spiders. They're everywhere! And they're super creepy. This was the biggest one we saw.

2. Here's the temple at night. Don't get to see that everyday.

3. And here's my suit. I need to get the pants adjusted buy that's what it looks like. Way cool.

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