Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miracle Park‏

Hey everyone,
Wow. You guys had a pretty boring week. It didn't take me too long to read through them. Haha. That's weird. To answer Dad's questions: 1. Yes I did get that package you sent me. 2. I've been really healthy. All those sprays/creams/pills are still stashed away in my bags. I think I've just taken a couple pills since I've been here. It's been great. 3. The bugs actually aren't as bad as I imaged. We mostly just see these creepy spiders that are all over the place but they aren't poisionous. 4. I'm pretty good on money. I used my credit card last week to buy a Korean vocab book. Pretty much everything I buy is paid for with my mission money. And plus I haven't really had much time to go out shopping. However I have been collecting a few things for you guys so I'll send that stuff home soon. 5. I can't think of anything that I need. I like that new music Mom sent. I'm not sure if I can print it off here so I might just wait for it in the mail. I'll let you know if I need anything. How was Kadin and Kylie's first week of school? What classes are they taking? Who's their teachers?
This week was pretty good. Remember that story I told you about with that guy in the park? Well to finish that story he punked us and we haven't heard from him since. Lame. However. We had another cool thing happen in that park. It was a similar situation: we were just heading back home and needed one more contact for our daily goal. We saw one guy just standing in this park smoking so we thought he wouldn't be too interested but we went for it anyway. As we approached him he said in English "hey remember me?" I had never met him but my companion had just met him once and recongnized him. He was one of Elder Stanley's old investigators! It was so cool. He goes to school somewhere else now and was just in our area for that one day. He said it was destiny that we met him. Or something like that. We now call that "miracle park." Maybe something will come out of it in the future. Also this lady who was referred to us came to our English class. She's really nice and seems to have some good morales? Is that the right word? Standards? Something like that. And the next day, we were going into the mission office and in the subway we saw her again and talked with her some. So that was pretty cool too. We haven't picked her up as an investigator but hopefully something will come out of it. 
For some reason, it feels like I have a better relationship with the ward here than I've had with my other areas. I don't know if it's just because it's a little smaller ward or if it's because I can actually communicate with them better or what. But it's been pretty fun. Our ward mission leader set up this calendar with some of the members for us to come over once a week and teach the lessons. We met two families this week and had a good time. And they fed us. Boo ya. We were also invited to an Elder's quorum meeting thing which was held at a resturant and pretty much just consisted of eating. It was the best. Our members are sweet. It's way cool to just get to know them and kind of be a part of their lives. It also helps when the members really like the missionaries and want them to come over and stuff. 
So yeah that was pretty much our week. Nothing else too exciting. Oh yeah I just remembered one thing. My companion and I started running in the mornings. There's a way cool bike trail right by our house we go on. Anyway. There's a couple bridges we run under and there's usually lots of spiders hanging out. Well one morning my companion almost ran right into this huge, ugly spider. It was one of the biggest spiders I've seen. It was freaky. I just remembered that when you guys asked about the bugs. Anyway. Have a good day at school tomorrow! Haha. Tell all my friends the same thing. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius 

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