Sunday, August 7, 2011

I love science

Hey everyone,

If you're going to have an overflowing amount of anything it might as well be cookies. That doesn't sound too bad. It's right up there with an overflowing amount of kim chi. Haha. Sounds like you guys had another packed week. Are you getting it all in before school starts up again? That's coming up pretty soon now. It's already August. It seems like summer just barely started. The weather has actually been pretty nice. The monsoon season ended awhile ago but it's still been raining quite a bit. Apparently this year has been more rainy that other years. So it's still pretty wet but at least it keeps the temperature a little cooler. Just a little. Haha. And it's humid. But considering it's the middle of the summer it's been nice weather. However just recently the memi's have started making noise. I can't remember what they're called in English. Oh yeah. Locusts. They are so loud and so annoying. It sounds like there's construction going on in all the trees. And we heard a weird terradactle (hopefully you know what that says. The big dinosaur bird thing) noise by our appartment the other day. It sounds like we're living in the heart of the jungle sometimes.

This week was pretty good. Still no investigators. That's rough. And with all the rain it was a little harder to do contacting. So as far as numbers go it wasn't the best week. On Monday we watched the Best Two Years with our zone and my companion and I have been quoting it all week. That movie is way better when you're watching it on your mission. It's so funny. So that was cool. On Tuesday we visited a familiy in our ward. We shared a message and then the dad taught us. He compared our spirits and our bodies to a seed. Our spirit is like the roots and our body is like the plant. Sometimes we feel like we're growing physically, but don't really notice anything about our spiritual growth. And vica versa (is that how you spell it?) But the plant and the roots can't see each other so they don't know how the other one is doing. That's how we are. Both can be growing and progressing but they just can't see each other growing and progressing. He also used a water anology. Right before ice turns to water and water turns to vapor, it hits a platue. (Man my spelling is struggling.) During that time there's not a lot of outward changes going on, but the inside, or molecular side, is under a lot of changes. Hydrogen bonds are breaking and molecules are speeding up. When more heat is applied it breaks the platue and changes phases. Our spiritual growth and physical growth is similar. We sometimes hit a platue where we don't feel like anything is happening, but really there's a lot of small "molecular" changes taking place and with a little more heat we can see the big outward change. So cool! This guy is a really good teacher. And lucky he's way good at English so he could explain all this to us. Don't think I'm that good at Korean haha. Thursday we had district meeting, but they didn't have the mail so I haven't gotten your package yet. Probably this week though. We haven't gotten the mail for a few weeks now. I'm getting anxious. On Saturday we did some streetboarding with my district leader and his companion. That was fun. It was hot but we were able to talk to lots of people. Oh but this other church set up speakers right next to our boards and were telling people to repent. That was cool. We were hoping someone would go up to them and ask them about the Plan of Salvation but it never happened. Anyway. It was fun. That was pretty much the highlights of our week. We're working on trying to get referrals from our members and improving English class to get some new investigators. The youth just got back from EFY and apparently they stressed the importance of member missionary work there so we're going to look into that and see what we can do. I'll keep you posted. Well that's about all I can think of. Hopefully you guys have another good week. Make these last few count! Haha. Talk to you later.

Love, Elder Dorius

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