Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Independence Day!‏

Hey everyone,
Justice! Everyone is finally back in school. No more boating emails that make me trunky. Woot! It sounds like you guys filled up your last week though. After the new ping pong table I wasn't really expecting a new car. But that's cool. You guys are practically Korean now. Haha. Sorry about your car Danielle. That's rough. To answer your question, we do get the Ensign way over here. The church is still true even when you're not in Utah. It's called the Liahona though. I did read that story. I liked it. We hear that kind of stuff a lot as missionaries. The biggest name on your name tag is Jesus Christ. Except I have my name on there twice, one in English and one in Korean. Haha the principle is still the same. Oh yeah. Sorry I didn't email you guys yesterday. It was Independence Day in Korea so the place where we email was closed. We didn't really do anything cool. Our neighbors had a party but didn't invite us. Lame. So my companion and I just cleaned our house and played Monopoly. That was fun too.
My week was pretty good. I went on exchanges on Wednesday. My district leader came to my area and I went to his. His companion and I were in the same district last transfer so it was pretty fun to go on exchanges together. He taught me some Korean slang haha. On Thursday there was this misterious "President visit" scheduled on our calendar. I guess every once in a while the mission president visits a house but nobody knows who he's going to visit. Well it just so happened that he visited the house I was at during the exchange. It's a four man house with the zone leaders so that makes since, but we were not expecting it. So that was a surprise. We visited a member this week who lives a little off our map so we weren't sure where it was exactly, but when we got there, we found out we have the ocean in our area. Or at least really close. It was sweet. We also found this way sweet lake by this members house. I'll send some pictures. Sunday night we had a pretty cool experience. If you remember, this week was our big zone goal week. We changed our goal to 10 lessons and 150 contacts. So Sunday comes and we're way close to our goals. We just needed 3 more lessons and 15 more contacts. We had it all planned out and should've been pretty easy. Well basically all of our plans fell through and we ended up completely changing our plans for the evening. We went to find some less actives and ended up only finding one who didn't remember anything about the church and even said she hated church and there wasn't too many people in the areas we were in to talk to. It was looking pretty rough. It was about 8:00 so we decided to just head home and contact in this intersection by our home. We weren't having too much success and it was almost time to go home so we counted up our contacts and found out we only needed three more to get our contact goal. So we're walking around but there still weren't any people. Then we decided to go to this park where there was one guy sitting by himself. Why not? He was contact number 149 and we ended up getting a return appointment. It was sweet. Then as we were walking back to our house we passed a couple and talked to them which put us at 151 contacts and 9 lessons. It was pretty solid. They say you have to be a 4th floor, last door missionary. Not in Korea. You have to be a 20th floor, last door missionary. There's some tall buildings. So that was cool. I like it when things like that happen. It just goes to show that the Lord is watching our for us and will help us if we do our best. 
Well that's about it for me. Hopefully Kadin and Kylie had a good first day of school. Haha. You better put down the ping pong paddle and start doing your homework. I'm expecting a really boring email next week. Haha. Talk to you guys later.
Love, Elder Dorius
1. This was a little crab we found by that lake by our member's house.
2. Here's the lake. It was getting dark and raining so it's not the best picture. Sorry. You can get an idea though.

3. This is the other side of the lake. And a little lighter.

4. This is me and my companion at that forest conference a couple weeks ago.

5. I was so jealous of you guys boating all the time I decided to get sunburned. With my fat watch on

6. And just incase you've forgotten this guy, here's a picture.

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