Monday, July 25, 2011

The joys of traveling‏

Hey everyone,
I'm glad to hear everyone is enjoying summer vacation and living it up to the fullest. Way fun. Tell Dana I'm sorry she broke her toe. That is really a bummer. I guess that's what you get when you go to the lake two days in a row. Haha. Danielle, I do know an Alexa up there. Her maiden name is Call. That's so weird she's married now. She was my senior ball date. Haha. But that's cool. It seemed like a lot of my friends got married in July, or else left on missions. It's your 5 year reunion? Haha holy smokes that's stinking old! Wow. Well I don't have a ton of time today. Our zone is getting together and watching The Best Two Years (woot!) so I'll just get to the point.
I got transfered. My companion stayed in Gireum and I moved to Monsoo. It's in Incheon which is on the western part of the country. Between my three areas now I've been all across Korea. So that's pretty sweet. My companion is from Utah. He's my first American companion since my trainer so it's kind of nice to have that again. And since he's from Utah we celebrated Pioneer Day yesterday. Yay! This is actually one of Elder Stanley's old areas and my companion served with him for two transfers so it's pretty fun to have that connection too. I can't remember exactly where he is now but I know which zone he's in. It's kinda far from us. So that's cool. You guys are going to find this really funny. Korea has a really good postal company thing where you can pretty much send anything anywhere. So every transfer the missionaries usually just send their luggage to their new area. I sent my luggage Tuesday afternoon and I still haven't gotten it yet. Freak. Well I got one bag. All my winter clothes. Apparently my other one is coming today. I'm getting bored with my same shirt and pants. I at least have 3 different ties to wear. Anyway. I thought you guys would appreciate that. I know I did. Ha.
My new area is pretty nice. I'm in a 4 man house but with just the two of us. Compared to my last mold infested shoebox this place is a mansion. The work is hard. We currently have no investigators but we have a couple potentials we're working on. One of them we're meeting tonight. So that was kind of a change afer having several investigators and having appointments regularly. But it's ok. We do lots of contacting and it's good practice. I actually am starting to feel a bit better with the language. It's nice having an American companion in the fact that he doesn't blow my mind with Korean and when he talks I can actually understand what's going on. But on the other hand it's a little inconvienent when things come up that are important and you could really use a Korean. Like when you lose your luggage and have to call the company and listen to a recorded message that lists all the options you can do by pushing any number from 1 through 9. But you know, that's cool too. If I had my journal, it would make a really good entry. Ha. Another cool thing is that I have my same district leader again from when I was out in Tae Baek. So that's fun. The ward is really good. There's about 60 active members that come out regularly. So this area has lots of potential and requires a lot of work and perserverance. Everything is good though. I can't think of much more to say. Oh I haven't gotten that package yet, but we have district meeting on Wednesday so I might get it then. I'll let you know. Keep having fun. School will be back in session before too long. Haha. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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