Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey everyone,
Thanks for the email. That was shocking news. I was floored when I read that. But you are so right. Nolan was ready and prepared to move on to bigger and better things. I sent Elder Anderson a quick note and wished him the best. Tell the rest of the family that I'm sorry for the news and hope the best for them as well. Nolan was such a great example of never giving up and pushing through trials with a smile. Come what may and love it.
So Kylie made it to nationals? Shoot that's good. If she wants my oppinion I'd say go run. Girls camp will come again. And plus. It's not even camping. Haha. But it's up to her. And Kadin survived scout camp eh? Now that's real camping. Haha. He probably loved not having to shower for a whole week and playing with his friends. Those were good times.  
Well this week has been pretty good. Remember when I got my call and we reaserched Korea and saw it gets a ton of rain during the summer? Yeah. It's here. Oh my goodness. The craziest part isn't the quantity of water though, it's how suddenly it came. When I got here it was hot and sunny and then we heard that the rainy season started the next day. Boom. Just like that. It started raining and has stopped for a quick breather just a few times. It's called jung-ma. It's basically killed our contacts. Sometimes we can't even go outside it's so bad. And because our house is so awesome we have two leaks. One in our study room, and one in our kitchen right above where we dry our dishes. That's really convienent. So that was fun.
We had a baptism yesterday! Yay! That was actually the first time I met the kid so it was kind of weird, but it was ok. The missionaries before me did all the work and I recieved the blessings. Haha. Our mission president came to our ward and spoke so that was really cool. I had to give a talk at the service and then that day they asked me to play a musical number. It was rough. There's no need to elaberate more on that. But it was a really good service. Our other investigators are doing good. Nothing too exciting. Except that old lady that talks to us forever randomly called one day asking about baptism. Well it turns out she had surgery in her ear a while ago and she can't go under water. Of course. So we called our president about it and he had a similar experience. I guess they saran wrapped the person's head and then put a swimming cap on and they were good to go. Haha. It's the most ridiculous thing I've heard but whatever works. So I guess we'll see what happens. I'll definately keep you posted. Even though it's raining we're still having pretty good success.
Well since you're getting anxious I'll finish up and send this off. I'll send some pictures from yesterday too. Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Dorius
1. Us and our investigator.

2. Us and our investigator and some of the young men.

3. Us and some of the primary kids. They're so cute.

4. Us at the temple.

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