Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet As...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the pictures Danielle. Those are some of the brightest, most awesome t shirts I've ever seen. You saved one for me right? haha. Sounds like the whole aniversary party was a success. It's probably still happening since you guys emailed me about an hour ago. How was Little Mermaid? Knowing Tuachan it was probably really good. I'm slightly jealous. Do you know what the shows are for next year? I'm glad I'm still loved enough to make it in the slide show. That was nice. Way to go Aunt Linda. I'm also jealous of all the boating. Ugh. I'm so white. I've been wearing my short sleeve shirts everyday now and I'm starting to see the side effects of long sleeve shirts. At least I won't die of skin cancer. Mwhaha!

So as you know this week was transfers. My new area is sweet. I have now idea where it's at geographically so you'll have to look that up for me. But I'm definately in the city. And it's so hot here. I'm missing the nice cool weather in the mountains. But that's ok. There's tons of people here. At least compared to my last area. We can talk to more people in an hour than we could in one week in Tae Baek. Everything is way confusing too. It's going to take me forever to learn the area and the buses and everything. The ward here is awesome! Yeah. That's right. Ward. I think there's about 80 active members that come pretty consistantly. There's a bishopric, primary, teachers, leaders, and people to be taught. For once I didn't have to teach gospel doctrine, play the piano, pass the sacrament, give a talk, and give a prayer. All I had to do was introduce myself. Boo ya. And the members are way cool and are really involved in missionary work. I'm turning into Kadin and Kylie. Our ward plays soccer every Saturday. It was fun but my legs are way sore still. Don't worry Danielle, I probably couldn't keep up with mom on one of her "walks" either. Haha. So I love the ward. My companion is awesome too. This is only his second transfer so he still has his greenie fire. It's really good. We've been busy the past few days. And he helps me out a lot with my Korean. I can tell this transfer is going to be great. The one downside to our area is our house. Oh boy. It's ghetto. It's smaller than small. Our kitchen is about the width of my wingspan. And it's in this maze of a neighborhood and there's cats that like eating garbage and meow during the night. So yeah. That's fun. But besides that everything is great. I haven't met our investigators yet but I guess we're going to give one of them a baptismal date. So we'll see how that goes.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. I don't have my camera cord. We're actually with some other missionaries right now and we're going ice skating. So next week I'll send some pictures. If you have any questions or what to know anything else let me know. Maybe by next week I'll have a better grasp of things. Talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Dorius

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