Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just another day in paradise‏

Hey everyone,

Marissa's going to Texas?! That's so sweet! And it's Spanish speaking. Lucky. Just kidding. Korean is way cooler. Ha. Oh man you'll have to tell her congratulations for me and tell her to send me her address. What else is going on with my friends? You need to facebook stalk them more and keep me posted. Haha. Nice job on the track meet Kylie! Those are stinking good times. That's way better than I've ever ran and probably will ever be able to run. Unless I have heaps of adrenaline surging through by body. Then I might have a chance. Oh scout camp. Good times. Is it at Mapledell again or somewhere else? Either way that should be fun.

So this was my first full week in my new area. It was awesome! My companion is great. This is only his second transfer and he's already better at missionary work than I am. We work together really well. And he teaches me cool New Zealand slang and is teaching me about Korean pop culture. Haha. It's fun. We picked up a few new investigators this week. They all want to learn English and we've only met them once or twice each so we haven't talked too much about the gospel. But one of them is this 60 year old lady who wants to learn English so she can write a letter to a friend she met who lives in Canada. It's kinda weird but that's ok. We met her on Saturday for the first time. We were going to meet her at this place but then she said to go to her house and gave us weird directions and kept calling us to make sure we were still coming. It was kinda frustrating. And because she's so old she just talks and talks. So by the time we got to her apartment we were still a bit flustered. And then it took them a good minute or so just to open their door. My companion was about to kill someone and I was just dying. So we finally get in and sit down and she gives us tomato juice, which both of us hate but slammed it down and got it out of the way. So we do our thing and then she gives us directions to go home again but lo and behold they were wrong and we ended up getting home late. This lady is crazy. But Sunday morning she called us and said she wanted to come to church. And she did. To all three meetings and our lunch thing afterwards. Our ward is the best! Seriously. They welcomed them perfectly. It was so good. Then we set up a baptismal date with one of our other investigators for next week. Boo ya. It was solid. So things are doing good. The ward rocks. We get fed at least once or twice a week. One of our members even went shopping at Costco for us. Yes there is a Costco in Korea. Our investigators are doing good and we're finding new ones to teach. Life is good. The cats aren't as bad as I excpected. They're disgusting though. They just go around the ally ways and eat rubbish (I'm basically a Kiwi haha). But it's so hot here! I'm dying. The only thing I can compare it to is after cross country practice is the morning. It's not quite to a "cross country practice in the afternoon" level, but it's close. Apparently this is nothing though. I heard it's going to get like 5 times hotter and more humid. So that's going to be fun. Today we had to pull out our ice packs and sit back with them on our faces to cool off. It was nice.
So yeah thing are really good right now. I can't complain too much. We're still working hard and trying not to die from the heat. Hopefully you guys are staying nice and cool out on the lake. Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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