Monday, July 4, 2011

It's the 4th of July?‏

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the emails. Those are so fun to read. I totally forgot it was the 4th of July today until I read your guy's emails. It made me miss Soda Springs too. That place is great. You guys are going to Can Cun without me?! Not fair! I'm way jealous right now. Be sure to pack a swimming suit and a change of clothes in your carry on. It was a good thing I learned that lesson because my luggage got lost when I came to Korea too. Travel just isn't good to me I suppose. But really for Can Cun all you need is a swimming suit and shorts (preferably your own) and you're good to go. Lucky ducks. So is Kadin and Kylie both on student council? You kind of mentioned that but didn't really tell me. That will be fun. Thanks for the music mom. Except you only sent the first page of Road Trip. I think there's 8 other pages. So if you could find those and send them too that would be great. And I did think of something else you can send to me. If you can. By chance do you have any old calendars with pictures of Christ? We had a couple nice pictures from a calendar and bought a cheap frame and gave it to a member. It turned out to be a really nice gift. So if you have old calendars laying around we would like some. I think that's all I need for now.

So this week we have been pretty busy. Because of the rain, we've been making lots of phone calls. We had tons of former investigator records that we called and ended up making quite a few appointments and even picked up two new investigators. We looked through all of our stats from this transfer so far and we've picked up two new investigators every week. We have a lot on our plate right now. It's really good. I think this is the busiest I've been on my mission. Except the only problem is they aren't progressing much. Nearly all of them have English interest so we're trying to build a lot of trust and work our way in with the gospel. It payed off with one family we picked up this week. They were former investigators who actually dropped the missionaries because they asked them to pray, or something like that. So we just did English and got to know them and now they want to take us hiking and said we can teach them scriptures in English. So it's a start but I wish more of them had more gospel interest. We do some walking but we mostly ride the bus or the subway. The rain doesn't really slow down Koreans. They're machines. They just grab their umbrella and go. We still play soccer with my ward if the weather is good. But since it's been raining we play jok-ku which is like volleyball but with your feet and with a lower net. It's sweet.

Well not much more exciting stuff happened. Today we're meeting up with a bunch of other missionaries and playing ping pong and games. Did I tell you they have Catan in Korea? I've actually played it quite a bit. Doesn't get much better than that. Except my zone leaders kill me every time. Grr...Anyway I need to email my mission president and whoop someone in ping pong so I'll wrap this up. Have a good 4th of July and have fun eating your BBQ. And DON'T have fun in Can Cun. Talk to you later.

Love, Elder Dorius

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