Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow but steady‏

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the emails today. And the novel from Danielle. Ha. It was fun to read. You guys sure are busy as heck. It sounds like you're even busier than I am. That's cool that grandpa and grandma are serving another mission. You'll have to let me know where they go. Do they have a guessing map up? I'm going to say Florida. That'd be a nice place. They can go hit up Disney World on their P-day. I'm glad you guys changed the seat covers in the alero and gave it a good cleaning. Oh I sent a package off for you guys the other day. I'm not sure when it will get there, maybe a couple weeks, but you can at least look forward to that. Are you still working on sending that package to me?
Well my week was pretty good. We actually picked up three new investigators. One was a former investigator that Elder Stanley and his trainer actually originally found. We were walking to our church one day and he passed us in his car and asked us if we were the new missionaries here. He recently quit his job and has lots of time and really wants to meet with us. He's pretty cool and fly at English. We haven't been able to teach him anything yet because he's been working on this report for college but he came to church yesterday and we're planning on meeting him tonight. It's at least another person in our investigator pool. Our other two is a family who moved into our area awhile ago and was meeting with the missonaries in their last area. We met them for the first time on Saturday and just hit it off well. They have two little boys who pretty much became our best friends and the parents seem to like us as well. I really like the feeling in their home and think they have good potential. Our other little investigators are doing good. They've been doing their reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and kind of expect our little discussions before we play ping pong and expect us to pray before we eat. So that's good. We want to start giving them a little bigger commitments and getting more principles taught. We'll see how that goes. So our area is doing pretty well right now. Hopefully we can keep seeing progress and try to get some baptisms coming in.
Those are pretty much the highlights/cool things of the week. We went hiking with the Elder's quorom Saturday morning and then went out to breakfast. That was sweet. It was at Incheon Grand Park. You should look it up becuase it's actually a pretty cool place. I've been there a couple times now. It is pretty crazy to think about how long I've been out. I think today is actually my 8 month mark in Korea. Woot. Time is moving fast. I feel like by the time I'm comfortable with the language and have figured out how to really do missionary work, it will be time to come home. I guess that's why grandpa and grandma are on their 3rd mission now. They probably have it mastered. You should talk them into coming to Korea and helping me out. Haha.
Well that's about it for me. I can't really think of anything else I can ramble off about that's worth rambling. I'm excited for conference though. Pay good attention and give me a heads up on which ones to watch out for. I've been reading old takes every once in awhile to get pumped up. I found one from 1991. There's some good stuff. Anyway. Talk to you guys next week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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