Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Chu Suk!‏

Hey everyone,
You guys have Japanese kids again? That sounds fun. And you're still boating. Ugh. That sounds fun (sarcasm). I understand how busy you guys are and how hard it is to send off a package. I still need to send one to you guys. I've been moving some pictures from my memory card onto my translator before I send it home so that's partly why it's taking so long as well. Maybe I'll try to get that off to you sometime this week so you can get my ipod and then if I'm not done with the rest of my pictures, I'll just send that later. That's cool you guys took the Japanese kids to the temple. It sounds like they had a pretty good experience. And that's cool one of your Korean girls is coming over for Christmas. It'd be sweet if I could say hi to her when I call home. Maybe even practice a little Korean. And Danielle, that's fun that you have your Korean teacher again and that she's having a baby. Korean babies are the cutest thing in the world. I've been emailing Jordan a bit. He's almost out of the MTC and he said he can already understand about 80% of what his teachers say. Man. What I would give for that. I'm coming up on my year mark and I still barely know what's going on. Oh well.
So as you know, this week was Korea's biggest national holiday, Chu Suk. It's similar to Thanksgiving. Pretty much everyone goes back to their hometowns and spends a few days with their families. Monday was a full P-day so Sunday night, we went over to our zone leader's/district leader's house and spent the night with them. It was way fun. Monday we just hung out. There wasn't really much to do because everything was closed. But it was nice to just relax and hang out for once. Tuesday we had a special zone conference. They had a few musical numbers. My district leader, who is also a rock star, asked me to play the piano for him for a musical number. He had a cool arrangement of "How Great Thou Art" on a cd so we spent a little time during our marathon P-day to figure it out and play it. It was pretty fun and it turned out pretty good. So that's my new claim to fame.
Last week we picked up a couple of those kids we met on the street as investigators. We've just met them a couple times so we don't know too much about them, but they're nice, innocent kids. We're meeting at least one of them tonight so hopefully it goes well. We also got a referall from some other missionaries. It's a familiy with two little boys. We haven't met them yet because of the holiday but we talked to the dad on the phone and he seems really nice. Apparently they're a really good family and really like the missionaries. So we're starting to see a few things pop up here and there. Now that the holiday is over we'll be able to meet more regularly and see more success. Oh I just remembered some other news from last week. I had dog soup. It's called bo shin tang. It actually was pretty good. A member took us out to dinner one night. So London better watch out when I get back or else I might eat her. Haha. Just kidding. They breed certain dogs for the meat. Anyway. I thought you might like to hear that. I haven't had too many new cultural experiences lately.
Well that's about it for now. I'll try to get this package off to you guys as soon as I can. Tell your Japanese boys hi for me. If you can. Haha. Good luck with that. Talk to you guys later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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