Monday, September 19, 2011

At Least Someone Cares

Hey everyone,
Umm did you guys have such a boring week that you had no need to email me? That's unheard of. Surely something happened. Even if it was just work and school you can still email me. Oh I got a email! Well I'll just give you the update of my week while I wait for you guys.
Oh I just emailed you guys a few days ago. Haha. We've had a pretty good few days since then though. Our new investigator brought a couple friends with him when he met us and we ended up picking them up as investigators too. They all go to the same school, which is right next to our church, and are pretty good buds. We've just been meeting them after school and playing ping pong. We tried to talk about the Book of Mormon with them but because they're all 14 year old boys and have been playing ping pong, it's a little challenging for them to concentrate. So I don't know how much is really sinking in, but we gave them all a Book of Mormon and told them to read the introduction page. We'll see what happens. We might have to get a bit creative.
On Saturday, our district leader's ward had a little musical program thing and they invited us to perform/watch. I performed. My companion watched. It was way fun. There were a few little kids playing their little tunes on the piano and a couple other members played the guitar and then my district leader played a couple songs and his companion rapped. It was sweet. I played Dumb Song and they loved it. I don't think Koreans play much "jazz" piano so they're usually pretty excited when I play stuff like that. It's times like this that make me really grateful you guys made me stick with piano.
Well thanks for replying. That's about it from me. Tell Kylie to beat up Kadin for not caring and that I'll beat him up too when I get home. Glad you guys are having a good time with the Japanese kids. I can't remember any Japanese either. Hopefully you can keep up with them. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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