Monday, July 25, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Hey everyone,

You guys are jerks! I have no sympathy for you and the rain. It's been raining here since yesterday evening. I had totally forgotten you guys are in Can Cun until you told me. The pictures were nice but I couldn't look at them too long. Except that iguana was pretty cool. I'm sure you guys had way too much fun with him. Oh Danielle tell Mary that she wrote me awhile ago and I sent her a letter like a week or so ago. So I think the ball is in her court. Haha do you talk to her much? Oh and congrats on passing your test! That's way cool. You're finally a nurse now. Yay! Is the weather supposed to turn out better in Can Cun? You didn't plan another trip during a hurricane did you? Haha.

Well this week has been good. We had combined district meeting and the zone leaders asked my district to do a special musical number. And boy did we ever. I played the piano, my district leader played the guitar and our companions sang. Well rapped actually. It was sweet. I have it on my camera so when I get that other memory card I'll send mine and you can see it. But I think my district leader is going to email his recording to us because it's a good recording. So one way or another you'll get to see/hear it. We picked up three new investigators this week. One was a former investigator who we invited to our English class and said he wanted to meet again and talk about the Book of Mormon and stuff. Another was a referral. He's pretty golden. He actually lived in Australia for a while and met the missionaries there. It turns out one of my district leaders in the MTC was one of the missionaries he met with. It was a cool connection. He's received most of the lessons and he feels like he knows them really well so he wants to study the Gospel Principles book. I have a really good feeling about him. The only problem is that he's going back to Australia in a month or two so if we want to baptize him we'll have to do it quick. The last one is a guy who randomly came to church yesterday. He said the church he goes to is too far from his house so he decided to come to ours. Boo ya. He really liked the hymns so one of our members who was next to him invited him to come to church early next week to sing the hymns. It was really cool. As far as our other investigators go, not much has changed. Unfortunately. We meet them all just once a week and we teach them all English so the gospel isn't making as big of impact as I would like. We're at least staying busy though. My companion and I wrote a song to sing to our members. My companion has a little guitar so we packed that around and performed our song for the first time this week. It's about eternal families. It's cool. That's about all that happened this week. We had interviews with the mission president. He said he can tell that I'm happy and because of that, he's happy. My mission president is great. So yeah. It wasn't exactly a trip to Can Cun but it was still a good week. Have fun with your iguana friend. Hopefully he doesn't eat you. Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius

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