Monday, May 30, 2011

There's no monkeys in Korea‏

Hey everyone,

So yes. I was in Seoul for about half of last week. We had our lovely temple day on Tuesday and then zone conference on Wednesday and so our P-day was on Tuesday and we had a pretty jam packed day so I couldn't email you guys. We found a place in Seoul but they only gave us five minutes on the computer. For three people. I barely got two lines to my mission president. So yeah. I didn't get eaten by monkeys. But we had a good trip nonetheless. Monday we met with one of our investigators who also took us out to lunch afterwards. So good! Oh a side note. We had dinner with some members last night and they had a scale at their house so I could finally see how much I weigh. I've gained about ten pounds. I just enjoy the food far too much apparently. Anyway. Then we had our awesome four hour train ride into Seoul and stayed the night with some other missionaries. Fifteen to be exact. So fun. Then after the temple we went to a way good sushi bar. Did I mention how good the food is here? So stinking good. After that we went to this big electronics store where I was going to buy a translator but they didn't have the kind I wanted. So we just ended up eye shopping while another elder was bargining. Then we went to a famous flea market place which was supposed to be pretty sweet but our zone leaders had been there for awhile and said it wasn't quite as cool and they had thought. So we decided to go to this huge tie store place. Korean ties are almost as good as the food. And they're way cheap at this place. I'll have to send Dad and Kadin some when I have more time to shop. Maybe I'll send Jesse some if I'm feeling nice. Mwahaha. Then after all this we had just a few minutes left of our P-day to find a place to email. It was crazy. Then on Wednesday we had our annual medical zone conference where the Asia North Mission doctors come and talk to us about being healthy. It wasn't the most spiritually uplifting meeting ever but it was good to hear. That was pretty much our whole day. After that I tried passing off though. We have this pass off program thing where you have to learn all this certain vocabulary and memorize scriptures and the missionary lessons and such. Anyway after you pass off to the AP's you can go senior. So I attempted that, but failed. Not horribly though. I was just off a few things and plus we ran out of time. But yeah I'm pretty close to going senior. In July there will be 126 missionaries and I think only 16 of those will have been out longer than a year. We have a really young mission right now. They're really pushing this pass off so they can have seniors and trainers. It's a little stressful right now but in six months we're going to be rocking.

As for our investigators and the work, it's still good. We've lost a couple investigators so we're running a little low on lessons but our investigators are pretty good. There's one who I think can get baptized pretty quick. She's the one who wants to go to EFY and comes to seminary. So we'll keep our fingers crossed and see. We're trying to do a lot of finding but it's still tough out here in the mountains. I feel like I'm starting to run out of ideas. It's a good challenge for me. But next week is transfers and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm out of here. But I also wouldn't be. It's tough to get out of this zone. So we'll see. As for now I'm still hoping and praying and working hard. Hopefully that was a good enough report. I'll send some pictures too. Don't have too much fun on the lake and watching tv and going on vacation and other boring things like that.

Love, Elder Dorius

 1. This was a sweet Kung Fu Panda thing we found by the electronics place. You can only imagine how much fun we had.
2,3,4. This is along the way to Seoul. I get to see this for four hours. So sweet.
5. This is Elder Park. He's in my district but he's going to London on his mission. He just had visa problems. He's way cool.
6. And this is some fried chicken I ate. It looked a little strange but I thought what the heck? After eating what little meat was on it I dissected it (of course) and figured out it was a spinal chord. Yum.

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