Monday, May 16, 2011

I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills...‏

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the emails. I really enjoy reading them and getting caught up with life. Thanks a lot mom for reminding me about school. (sarcasm) But really that is good to know. Is there a deadline for that signature because I don't think we're able to print at our little office place where we email? I might have to get it later. Unless you need it asap. I can't believe Helena Howard is home already. Sheesh. Time is flying. Well heck I've been out six months already. So crazy. It sounds like she gave an awesome talk though. We kind of have a similar motto in our mission. You ready for some Korean? Hal su issea-yo. I'm not sure how to spell it in Korean, but it means "you can do it." It's a good phrase to know and say. So who is all on missions or soon going on one from our ward? I was wondering that the other day and couldn't quite remember. We finally got the Liahona! but it's two copies in Korean. Typical. The pictures were nice though. Hopefully an English one finds it way over here. Actually I was reading it this morning and I can understand some of with. Oh Danielle, why did a state-side-Spanish-speaking Sister (how's that for alliteration?) bear her testimony in Korean? That's really odd, but way cool! Oh mom, one other thing before I forget. You know my SD card I have here? Well my district leader wants to buy it off me. Any idea how much it is or how much I should give it to him for?

So this week has been pretty good. We had district meeting and then went on exchanges. I love exchanges. They're way fun. But this one was a little different. We did a threesome here in Tae Baek with my district leader and the other two elders just went back to their area. Basically he just watched us to see how things are doing here and stuff. It was good. So after that we went back to his area to "drop him off," which consists of a two and a half hour train ride both ways and spending the night. Welcome to our zone. But I love our district. We have some stinking funny elders. I learned a traditional Korean game that's confusing as heck and Kylie would probably destroy us all. If I ever get any understanding of how to play maybe I'll buy it. Either way it's fun. 

We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Kim Bo Hyun. I might have told you about her last week. But she's friends with a less active girl we recently reactivated and has come out to church twice now and came to English. So solid. She's way cool and just normal. I'm pretty sure she'll get baptized. I at least hope so. She wants to go to EFY and that's basically a guaranteed baptism. So that's exciting. All of our other investigators are doing good. No news there. 

Well I'd better go. We're making the big trip to Emart today for groceries. That's as exciting as it gets here. Haha. I'll send some pictures though. The mountains are turning super green. I love it. Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius
1. This is out by our old Branch President's house. It had been raining all day so it was really cloudy. I felt like I was on the "Lost" island.

2. This is coming back from the other area in my district. It's basically like this all around my area. So sweet.

3. This is a chicken I ate. One of our investigators took us out to lunch and we had this. A little crazy but super tasty.

4. Despite all the greenery and the fact it's May, there's still Christmas decorations. I love Korea.



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