Monday, April 4, 2011

Such success can only come from heaven‏

Hey everyone,

Sounds like you've had quite the week with the triathalon and all. I bet that was way fun. Haha I love the picture of Jeff getting his medal. That's hilarious. So how was conference? I don't watch it until next week. They translate it and then send it as a DVD a week later and then we just watch it at our church at the normal times (10-12, 2-4, etc.). I'm pretty excited. Unless of course I have to watch it all in Korean ha. What the heck Danielle? You're graduating in two weeks! That's so cool! No wonder you're so busy. I thought I was busy during my graduation, but this is like my graduation on steriods. Study hard! 

Well this week has been pretty good. Except I was out of my area for about half of it. We had our temple trip and interviews with the mission president on Tuesday and then we had zone conference on Wednesday and then I went on exchanges with my zone leader on Thursday in 강릉 (kang nung). So I've kinda been all over the place. It's fun though. I like traveling and being in different parts of the country. The weather is so nice today! I'm not wearing my big coat and I have a short sleeve shirt on. After conference we can take of our suit coats. I'm way excited for summer but everyone keeps telling me how horribly hot it is. Oh man I heard some stories of these nasty huge bugs that fly around and make loud noises. I'm not too excited for that. I don't know if I'll see more bugs and critters since I'm in the wilderness or not. I guess we'll see.

So I guess Elder Holland, Elder Cook, Elder Rasband, and the Area Presidency have been traveling around the Asia North area visiting the missions. Except us. And a couple others. But anyway, they're last stop was in Japan and Elder Holland gave a blessing on all the missionaries in this area and we got a copy of it at zone conference so I thought I'd share part of it with you guys.

"...I do bless every one of you that you will feel the urgency of the work and the love our Father in Heaven has for you in laboring in His vineyard. I bless you  that the Spirit of the Lord will be with you in your duties, guiding you in your study, leading you in your prostelyting efforts, comforting you regarding any concerns you have here in the mission or with your families at home. God will bless you and all for whom you pray.... Angels are dispatched to attend you and those about whom you care so much.

"I bless the nations of Korea and Japan, and the other island locations of our missionaries in this area. Father, bless the people that they will be responsive to the Spirit, that they will feel a hunger in their heart to find the truth, and that they will recognize these missionaries as being agents from Thee when they present Thy truth to them. To aid in that, I bless political leaders, the economy of the nations and any other forces that sometimes disrupt the work. May stability and tranquility come in those social and cultural forces. I bless members, priesthood leaders and investigators - including the less active - that a major thrust will go forward from this apostolic visit to this land. I turn the key again, as keys have been turned before, to bring a new chapter, a higher achievement and greater success in this most important work in the world. Such success can only come from heaven..."

Way cool! The only thing that could make it better is if he said it in Korea. But it still works. Because one of our investigators has a baptismal date. April 17th. His name is 문정곤 (moon jung gon) and he's 17 years old. He's pretty golden. He loves meeting with us and accepts everything really well. So we're pretty excited about that. Our newest investigator is really good too. They met him while we were on exchanges so I haven't met him yet, but we have an appointment with him tonight. So things are warming up for little Tae Baek. I'll keep you posted on how things go. Thanks for all the love and prayers. Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius

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