Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey everyone,

Sorry this email is a couple hours later than normal. We tried going to the library today to check out their computers but when we got there we found out the computer lab is closed on Mondays. Of course. But it Scott and Cori are in town I'm guessing you're still up and playing games. 

Thanks for the questions. We do a little door knocking but not tons. We do most of our contacting on the street. We can bring up the gospel right during the first contact. That's usually the goal. We just introduce ourselves as missionaries sharing a message about the restored gospel and give them a flyer and try to get their number or something. It's not too bad. In Seoul there are tons of people to talk to, but they're always "busy." Even too busy to take a flyer. In Tae Baek there are fewer people but they are generally nicer. They at least stop and talk and are nice enough to take a flyer. My companion says I have foreigner power. Haha. For some reason people are intrigued by my small head, skinny face, and horrible Korean. Our apartment is pretty close to our church. Maybe like a 5 to 10 minute walk. So that's nice. Our English class is a pretty good lead. Everyone wants to learn English in Korea and classes are never free. So people usually call about it. Because our branch is so tiny we try to work with a lot of less actives. I'm sure the other areas do too. I study three hours every morning: 1 hour personal gospel, 1 hour companionship gospel, and 1 hour language study. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I feel like I need a few extra hours to study. I don't feel like my Korean is progressing much. But I just need to be patient and work harder. Everyone tells me it will come. So there you go. Nice questions.

It's funny you asked those questions because I wanted to talk about them in my letter. We had a little miracle during our street contacting the other day. So all week I've been praying to find a new investigator and nothing was happening through out the week. The first half of the week we had really bad numbers and our appointments were falling through. So I was getting a little discouraged. But on Saturday we were out contacting people before one of our English classes and this guy actually came up to us and asked us if we taught English. We told him we did and invited him to our class that was in about 30 minutes. He ended up coming. He's way good at English so I talked to him for a bit. He just moved here about a week ago and is a soccer coach and because of that he can't come to our classes. He was really interested in English and he also wanted to hear about the gospel. So another thing we do is called 30/30 where we meet and do English for 30 minutes and then gospel for 30 minutes. So we're meeting on Thursday. Boom. Miracle. Have I mentioned how much I love my English class? They're the best. Last week I taught the AP students. We were talking about how the weather can affect your emotions and one of them pulled out ceratonin. I don't even know how to spell it. It was sweet. Do you remember Mr. Cole and Rachel? They're pretty faithful English class members but not investigators. Anyway I love them. They want to take us out to lunch again and our markers were getting bad so Rachel brought some from her school. They're so nice. Ah I wish they would take the lessons. Anyways. We have another investigator that's pretty solid. He's 17 and loves being with us and accepts everything we've taught really well. So we're hoping for a baptismal date this week. We'll see. Well I need to go. I'm burning precious P-day time. I mean you guys are great and all but grocery shopping is calling my name. Woot. Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius 

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