Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the pictures. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun with the Korean girls. It would be way fun to meet up with them again sometime. Preferably when I'm better at Korean so I can actually communicate with them in their native tongue. Kadin those are pretty nifty shoes. I'm pretty jealous. When you wear black dress shoes 24/7 you kinda forget how cool shoes can be. Except my shoes are still cool. Ha.

Is spring break really next week? What the heck? Wasn't Christmas like two weeks ago? I swear time stops when you're a missionary. Do you guys have plans for spring break? Are you going to do the usual Vegas trip or are you just going to relax? You have been busy with SUPAF and soccer and now the triathalon. 

Well this week has been pretty good. We've picked up a few new investigators through our English program. We're teaching a way fun family. They have a boy who is the twins's age and then a little girl, I'm not sure how old she is. We have a good time at their house. When they found out I play the piano, they basically dragged me to their piano and made me play something. Everyone loves it. Mom, you were right. I never knew I would play the piano so much on my mission. Thanks for making me stick with it. It's been a blessing. So yeah things are picking up a little bit. We enjoy having appointments. We haven't taught too many lessons yet just because all of our investigators are new and they're doing the English program. So hopefully they don't drop and we can start teaching the gospel more. Mom I have sympathy for you and your class. Teaching is so hard. It really is such a gift. Unfortunately I don't quite have that gift so I don't know what to tell you. Sorry. Maybe you should just speak English and look American. That's what I do and it works for the most part. Haha. 

We had to make a couple road trips this week. On Wednesday we went to 강릉 (kang nung) for combined district meeting and then this weekend we had District Conference. It was way good. Our mission president spoke. Luckily my trainer translated most of the meetings so I was able to get a little bit out of them. I'm still getting used to how small the church is here. There were maybe 50 people at the conference. More or less. We have to do a little extra work sometimes and build up some of the members's faith. It can be hard sometimes, but the members are great and they love the missionaries.

Well I can't think of much more to report on. As of now I'm on exchanges. They have a special training meeting for all the trainers, district leaders, and zone leaders in Seoul so I'm with my zone leader's companion. I'm taking over my area for the next couple days. It's good practice for next transfer because we're pretty sure I'm going to stay here and take over the area. I'm a little worried. I'm still not very familiar with the area. We might have a couple rough weeks coming up but if we just do our best and work hard everything will work out.

Thanks for the emails. Enjoy the warm weather. Send some over here! Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius 

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