Sunday, March 13, 2011

Changing of the Guards‏

Hey everyone,
Yes!! I totally knew it was going to be Chile! That's so awesome. I'm way excited for him. You should tell him to pull out all his old notes from when we were in Spanish class together. haha. I also enjoyed hearing about the other mission calls. Way to keep stalking my friends and keeping me updated. Let's see...for Garrett I'm going to say Boston. I had to think about that one a little longer. Maybe I'll guess Brazil or France too. You'll have to let me know.
So you heard about Japan huh? They got pretty shook up. We heard about it earlier this week and then we had dinner with a few members (which was the whole branch minus the branch president) and we saw some footage on the news. It was crazy. They said around 10,000 dead or injured. Something like that. That's good the missionaries are ok. I bet they'll have their hands full over the next couple weeks. As far as I know Korea is fine. I don't think it got to us, so we're good.
Transfer day is on Wednesday. We're actually on the train heading to Seoul right now. If it's your last P-day, you can take your companion to Lotte World which is an amusement park here in Korea. My companion sent out a text to everyone last week seeing if anyone wanted to go but no one really wanted to so we were just going to stay in Tae Baek and go to the coal museum. Oh side note, I went to the dinosaur museum in Tae Baek last week when I was on exchanges. It was sweet. I'll have to send some pictures next week. Anyway, one of the other missionaries going home texted my companion last night and said he was going to Lotte World so we decided to pack up and go. So I'm pretty excited. But it gets better. This aforementioned missionary is Elder Stanley's trainer. So me and Elder Stanley get to go to Lotte World together. Woot!
So as far as transfers go, I'm staying in my area and getting a new companion, obviously. The mission president told my present companion that my future companion is probably going to be a Korean. But we'll see. So basically I'm taking over the area. It's a little overwhelming and I'm a bit worried. But I figure it's like the changing of the guards. I don't know much about Buckingham Palace security, but my guess is that the guards aren't the main line of defence. They probably have cameras and other high tech equipment to keep things safe and running. They just need someone to stand there and it's my turn to stand there. Buckingham Palace is going to be safe regardless of who's guarding. The gospel is going to go forth regardless of who's serving. It's the Lord's work. I have to keep reminding myself that and go to work. I just hope I have an awesome companion that knows how to do missionary work and wants to go to town. 
Well like I said I'm on the train and I need to email my mission president before I run out of time. Tell everyone I say hi. Enjoy the remainder of your spring break!
Love, Elder Dorius  

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