Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm on a Train

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the emails. It kinda helps to have questions to answer. I'm actually on a train right now heading to Seoul again. We go there pretty often. But anyway, we have to pay for the internet here so I have to be fast. That's why I went to the MTC. I have good training.

Seoul was awesome! We had mission conference so we got to see all the missionaries again. Elder Stanley is in Incheon, which is on the opposite side of the country as me. So I probably won't see too much of him, but he's doing good. My apartment is pretty small. But then again I've never lived in one so it's hard to compare. We have a little kitchen connected to another room where we study, then we have our bedroom, and then another room with our clothes and luggage and such. So not bad. Especially since we sleep on the floor. That doesn't take up much space. But actually it's quite comfortable I think. I fall asleep quickly and it's hard to get up in the mornings. That must mean I'm sleeping well. Anyway back to last week in Seoul. We went to a bath house. That was...interesting. I won't go into too many details. You can ask your Korean girls about them. But it was strange at first and then you just forget about the awkwardness and it's great. You feel really relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I think I had American food at least once everyday. They have McDonald's and Burger King here, as well as some other little places like Seven Eleven and Dunkin' Donuts. So it was pretty fun to have a nice juicy burger again, but strange to order it in Korean. Like I said we had mission conference. That was the whole reason why we went to Seoul. My mission president is way cool. He gave us some really good training. Then we had some food and played some games. It was quite the party. There were about 14 missionaries staying in one house. It was a little crazy, but still fun.

Tae Baek is doing pretty good lately. We've had a couple little miracles. Since there's not very many people out on the streets we've tried calling more people, and because of that we have two appointments this week. We also stopped by a less active family's house last night and they let us in and we shared a message. Apparently this family hasn't had the missionaries over in like 5 years. So it was way good. And they have a son who plays the piano and is learning how to play the guitar, so they wanted me to play something. I introduced him to John Mayer. I told him to google him. John needs to hook me up when I get home. He'll be huge here by the time I'm home. Haha. Luckily I have that though because we think it will help maintain a good relationship with the family and we can reactivate them. Also before we left, we stopped by one of our English class students's work place. He's a middle aged man with two kids. He's taken English from us for a little over a year, but never took the gospel lessons and the missionaries have never met his family. Until today. While we were talking with him his wife walked in. Boo ya! They're way cool. We want to baptize them. So hopefully that goes well. We're going to try to set up some teaching appointments.

So that's kind of what's up with Tae Baek. Korea is way cool. Everyone calls me handsome. Like seriously. Everyone. It's weird. I even got called a movie star. But I just accept it. I figure this will never happen to me again so I'm living it up. I'm doing good with the food. Since we never have appointments, we usually cook all our meals, so it's nothing too intense. Oh except I did try some of that silk worm larvae. A lady was selling it on the street and my companion had me try some. It wasn't too bad. But it did leave a nasty taste in my mouth. The weather has been pretty nice lately. When I got on the train it said it was 4 degrees celsious. However you spell that word. So it's at least above freezing. Well I can't think of much more to write about. I'm still doing good. I don't think I need anything. Just keep praying for everyone. I'll talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Dorius

PS Last week it wouldn't send to mom's address. I think something was wrong with msn. I'll try both this time and see how it goes.

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