Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Played Ping Pong With A Korean

Hey everyone,
In response to your last email we're only supposed to use the internet for about an hour and 15 mintutes. The internet is free unless we're on the train. We usually try to not email on the train so we have more time and use less money. Hopefully that answers your question. I don't really know what else you'd use. Regular mail takes forever to get here and we only get it at meetings and stuff. So I suggest not doing that. That's just to you, family. To anyone else, you can write all the letters you want.
Well this week has been pretty good. I went to the hospital with my companion. That was fun. He's all good now, he probably just ate something bad. We met with Mr. Cole this week. If while you still have your Korean girls I can tell you his Korean name and they can translate. 권 순 기 is his name. We talked to him about families and we showed him pictures of our families. That little photo book you made is awesome. He really liked them. We were hoping he would become a new investigator but it's not quite official because we didn't set up another definate return appointment. We think his wife isn't on board with the church. He says she likes us but we're not for sure. We're still trying to meet and talk with his whole family. But later that night we had English class and he was the only person who came. So we played ping pong. It was sweet. He's way good. My Sem Co ping pong playing days are paying off. Slightly. He still beat me but I didn't get destroyed. I was impressed with myself. I can play ping pong with Koreans. Boo ya. Yesterday we had a lot of people at church. 10 people plus the missionaries. That's a new record for me. We also had an investigator come, except we didn't know until after the meeting. In our church there's a window that connects the kitchen to the meeting room and I guess he was in there the whole time. So we talked to him afterwards and set up an appointment. Our branch is doing good. We're getting some of our less actives more involved by having them give prayers. Some of these people have never prayed in public before, and maybe not even on their own, but they do it. So hopefully things keep picking up.
The language is still really hard, but I'm starting to understand things a little better. I do a lot better in a gospel setting just because I've learned more words in that category, but I'm learning new everyday words just by being out on the streets and talking with people. What kind of words are your Korean girls teaching you? Is dad getting any better?
St. George got snow huh? Nice. It hasn't snowed too much more here lately. It actually gets pretty nice during the day, but at night it gets cold. It gets just warm enough to melt the snow and then everything freezes again during the night. So everything is pretty messy. It seems like my shoes are constantly dirty.
Well I can't really think of anything else to say or ask. Keep thinking of questions and I'll try to respond to them. Let me know of anything cool that happens. Good luck with the snow and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Unless it's over. It might be by now. So hopefully you enjoyed it and have a good week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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