Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Package from Elder Dorius!!!

Thursday, December 23 was about the best day ever. We got a package from Brad! He sent a Korean children's songbook, a cd of Christmas songs in Korean, and PICTURES! We were so excited about the pictures since we haven't gotten any from him. It was such a treat.

Elder Dorius and Elder Stanley.
They were friends from high school and performed together all the time. It is crazy that now they get to serve together.

Elder Dorius and his companion Elder Palspher. They are both from St. George.

These are some native Korean missionaries that were in the MTC for 3 weeks and then they went back to Korea.

All the name tags from the district.

These 3 elders are from St. George and all together in the same district. Elder Stanley is the 4th elder from St. George...but he is in the other district.

The district

This is Elder Dooley...His Aunt and Uncle were in our ward in Soda Springs and we knew them very well. They are in the MTC heading on a mission to Fance and we told them to keep a look out for Brad. Yep you guessed it... they have a nephew going to Korea and they are in the same district. It's such a small world.

Christmas at the MTC

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