Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Till We Meet Again.

Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the prayers and letters. Dad and Jesse sorry I missed your guys' birthdays. It wasn't very good timing with my p-day. So happy late birthday. Thanks for letting me know about Seth's call. (note: I talked to my parents and he's going to London England, just in case anyone was wondering like me, now you know!) That's so cool. I told Elder Stanley and he thought that was pretty sweet as well. You'll have to keep me up dated on all the mission calls.
Mom I think either one of those pictures would be fine. I was thinking of having one of the studio shots for the plaque and not one of the backdrop pictures but they both look nice. And as far as baked goods go, I'm pretty sure you can send anything as long as it doesn't go bad when it's in the mail. But that shouldn't be too hard, especially if Danielle can drop it off or whatever. So send me whatever you want. The TRC went well this last weekend. It was about the same as last week but we had a different investigator. During our contacting I figured out she was a hak-sang (student) so I felt pretty good about that. We've moved on to teaching lesson two in Preach My Gospel. It's the plan of salvation. It's really fun to teach because it applies to everyone, but at the same time it's hard to teach because you have to teach it very simply. Especially with a language barrier. We have one more week of teaching in English then we start teaching the lessons in Korean. I'm still learning a lot of the language. We learn a few new things everyday. We just learned how to share scriptures in Korean yesterday and we learned adjectives. It's a lot to take in but it's coming along.
So there's been some changes to the zone this week. One of the districts in the older group left yesterday and the other district leaves on Monday. That means we got new zone leaders and new district leaders. I got a calling but it's not one of those. I'm the branch music cordinator! It's the best "calling" ever. I'm in charge of choosing the hymns for sacrament and priesthood meeting and I set up musical numbers. I'm really excited. It's weird to have some of the older elders gone though. In Korean culture they build "jung" which is like your relationship with someone. In Korea they build jung by giving each other money but that doesn't work out very well here at the MTC so we just play games, eat food, and hang out every Monday night to build jung. So even though I didn't associate with them much it was kinda hard to say good bye because of that brotherly love and having the same goal and same purpose. On Sunday night, the zone sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." It was really cool. But now I'm in the "older district." We're getting about 30 new elders in a couple weeks. It's crazy. Time doesn't exist here. But I'm excited. It means we're one step closer to Korea. And all of the older elders said once they leave time just flies by even faster. Oh and just so you know, I will not be calling home for Christmas because there's too many missionaries here. But I think I can call you from the airport when I fly out. I'll let you know about that for sure. Hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Elder Dorius

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